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Daily Question # 133 February 20, 2009

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Connect .







A – The  Earth  as  seen  from  the  Moon

B – The  inauguration  of  the  Grand  Canyon  Skywalk ( visible  in  the  background ) . The  skywalk  is  owned  by  the  Hualapai  Indian  Tribe  and  the  pic  shows  the  tribal  chief  dedicating  it  to  the  nation .


The  connect – Edwin “Buzz”  Aldrin

He  was  the  2nd  man  on  moon –  he  inaugurated  the  Skywalk by  taking  the  first  steps  on  the  structure – the  MTV  music  video  award  statuette  depicts  an  astronaut  with  an  MTV  flag ( known  as  the  ‘moonman’ )  and  is  modelled  on  Aldrin .

Full  marks  to  all  who  mentioned  Edwin  Aldrin  in  their  answer – Anon  who  actually  is  Anil  Raghavan , Incognito  and  Nishanth  Raman . Brilliant  job  guys !!


1. abhi - February 21, 2009

A. The earth
B. The navajo nation in the grand canyon

The sounds of earth (Voyager Disc), Navajo Shootingway Ceremony Field Recordings, and Michael Jackson’s thriller (which started the music video craze on MTV) are all list of recordings preserved in the United States National Recording Registry.

I acknowledge that it is a weird connect…;-).. but was so jobless..

2. Anonymous - February 21, 2009

connect can be apollo mission
a)Earth’s photo from moon
b)buzz aldrin inaugurated the skywalk
c)MTv used their flag when showing apollo11 programme

3. incognito - February 21, 2009

connect is the apollo 11 mission.
Photo A, a view of the earth rising over the moon, was taken by the apollo 11 mission in 1969.

Edwin “buzz” Aldrin took the “first walk” on the grand canyon skywalk (shown in B). this is commissioned and owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe (to which the chief in green might belong :|).

the first images shown on MTV (C) were a montage of the apollo 11 moon landing.

4. Deepu - February 21, 2009

A- Earth as seen from moon(Earth -rising)
B-The grand canyon skywalk owned by hualapai Indians

Is the connect eagle coz ‘eagle’ landed on Moon and the eagle rock is considered sacred by the Indian tribe ,probably hotel califoirnia by ‘Eagles’ is rated highly by Mtv.

5. Ajay Parasuraman - February 21, 2009

vikram chandra?

6. Nishanth Raman - February 22, 2009

Buzz Aldrin

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