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End of Daze 2009

Hello and Welcome to End of Daze 2009, the second edition of our annual year-end (or beginning :)) online quiz.

The Rules, once again.

1. The Quiz is  open to solo participants only.

2. The Quiz is open to all, irrespective of age and institutional affiliation.

3. Answer entries will be accepted from 10:01 pm 🙂 , 2nd January, 2010 to 10:00 pm, 3rd January, 2010. Late entries will not be accepted.

4. QMs’s decisions are final and binding, unless you have bribery on a large scale in mind.

5. Now, a bit about the quiz:

(i) There are 75 questions in total . A max. of 150 points to be scored.

(ii) Points for individual questions are mentioned nearby the question.

(iii) There are 4 themes in this set. All are hidden.

For the first theme: the questions are spread out. You will have to enter your answer as Ans.No.76 (after, of course, finding out what questions/answers lead to the theme)

The questions of the other 3 themes are grouped together (i.e, questions of each theme are together) and will lead you to a Super-Theme. They comprise of 4 questions each. However, we will not be disclosing which these questions are.

Theme 1: (Please enter your guess for the theme as Ans. No.77)

Theme 2: (Please enter your guess for the theme as Ans. No.78)

Theme 3: (Please enter your guess for the theme as Ans. No.79)

Super Theme ( which you derive from 77-78-79 ) : Please enter your guess as Ans.No.80

6. Only one entry per person. In case of multiple entries, please note that we will consider only the first one.

7. Please submit your answers as a comment. Only answers given as comments will be accepted.

Your QMs’s of the day, as ever, are:

All the Best! And Happy New Year!

End of Daze 2009:

1. What/who  is  the  subject  of  the  painting ? ( 1  point )

2. If  this  was  the  second  such  one , what  was  the  first  one ? ( 1  point )

3. Who’s  missing  here ? ( 1  point )



4. The  other  one  would  be  a  fresh  fruit . What  about   A + B ? ( 2  points )



5. This  place  is  named  after  the  one  of  the  most  important  people  involved  in  the  country’s  Independence  struggle . Name  the  place / person . ( 1 point )

6. Obligatory  Google  Earth  question . Just  identify  the  location . ( 1  point )

7. The  termination  of  something  to  do  with  A , and  location  B   would  yield  residences . ( 2  points )



8. What  iz  thiz ?  ( 1  point )

9. A  famous  snap .  The  building  in  question  holds  a  not-so-earth-shattering  record . What ? ( 1  point )

10. Just  identify  the  event . ( 1  point )

11. Ad  for ? ( 1  point )

12. This  question  is  a  dedication  to  an  event  I  enjoyed  to  the  fullest  ( The  event  happened  sometime  in  November  2009 )

Connect  the  owner  of  the  yellow  orbit  to  the  bespectacled  man. ( 2  points )

13. A  made  use  of  a  term  X  which  was  earlier  used  by  B  to  refer  to  C  during  the  1940s . A  later  replaced  X  with  Y .

Solve  for  all . ( 3  points )




14. A  and  B  supposedly  inspired  X .

Solve  for  A , B  and  X . ( 2  points )




15. What  would  one  call  his  guys  if  they  entered  the  geriatric  category ? ( 1  point )

16. Which  colourless  location ? ( 1  point )

17. Connect . ( 3  points )





18. Gimme  a  number .  ( 1  point )

19. What  connects ? ( 1  point )



20. A  is  a  screenshot  from  a   famous  game . It  is  based  on  a  real  location  B . B  serves  as  the end  point  for  a  famous  race  X . The  starting  point  for  race  X   is  Y . Y  shares  its  name  with  the  district  in  which  it  is  situated. C  is  another  town  in  this  district  and  served  as  the  setting  for  a  famous  fictional  location  Z .

Solve  for  A – C  and  X – Z . ( 3  points )




21. Identify  all  and  connect . ( Not  exhaustive ) ( 3  points )





22. What  is  happening  in A ? Connect  the  grand-dad  of  the  chap  portrayed  in  A  and  the  most  famous  resident  of  B  to  something  which  came  next  in  line  to  a  venture  by  C . ( 3  points )




23. The  game  please . ( 1  point )

24. Identify  the  track . Connect  the  track  to  the  gentlemen  in  pic . ( 2  points )

25. What ? Where ? ( 1  point )

26. A  is  an  area  of  global  importance . B  was  originally  named  after  someone  who  was  intimately  associated  with  A . C  based  one  of  his  most  important  works  on  B . This  work  of  C  was  brought  to  life  on  the  silver  screen  by  D . To  complete  the  connect , E  shares  part  of  his  name  with  D  and  belongs  to  the  general  area  A .

Solve  for  A , B , C , D  and  E . ( 3  points )






27. The  pictures  shown  here  depict  a  strategy  in  the  treatment  of   X . This  process  is  supposed  to  have  given  rise  to  Y ( Not  shown  here ) . Id  X  and  Y . ( 2  points )

28. What  are  we  looking  at ? What  used  to  be  here  earlier ? ( 1  point )

29. What  caused  the  deluge ? ( 1  point )

30. What  is  being  shown  here ? ( 1  point )


a. ) A  is  the  parliament  building  of  a  country  and  was  designed  by  B . B  is  famous  in  India  for  a  creation  X . C  is  yet  another  of  B’s  accomplishments  and  is  dedicated  to  the  world  of  art . C  houses  a  very  famous  work  Y  by  a  painter  Z . This  work  Y  was , however ,  inspired/copied   from  an  engraving  by  famous  printmaker  D .

Solve  for  A , B , C , D , X , Y , Z . ( 4  points )

b. ) Identify  infestation  E , poet  F  and  infection  G . Connect  them  with  Y . ( 3  points )








32. Identify  the  song  and  the  lady . Connect  the  song  to  the  man  in  the  pic . ( 2 points )

33. Statues  in  memory  of  the  same  person , first  one  in  Ireland  and  the  second  one  in  the  US  of  A . Just  identify . [ Question  inspired  by  the  movie  Hitch which  this  quizmaster  was  watching  at  the  time  of  setting  this  particular  question ] ( 1  point )

34.  Connect  A , B ,  C  and  D . Then , connect  this  connect   to  E . ( 2  points )






35. Connect  A ( when  in  his  underworld  avtar ) , B , C  and  D 🙂 ( 2  points )





36. Which  Indian  could  one  associate  with  the  (  not  exhaustive )  list  below ? ( 1  point )

37. Connect  to  one  of  the  quizmasters  setting  this  quiz . ( 1  point )



38. It  gets  its  name  as  a  combination  of  A + B . What ? ( 2  points )



39. What  do  these  bridges  connect ? ( 1 point )

40. Which  phenomenon  is  being  depicted  here ? It  certainly  doesnt  happen  here in  the  North-East . (  1  point )

41. What  served  as  the  inspiration  for  the  following ? ( 1  point )

42. A , B , C  and  D  did  something  with  the  help  of  E  and  one  more  person . What ? ( 2  points )






43. Am  looking  for  the  flower , and  yeah  it  has  nothing  to  do  with  Harry  Potter . ( 1  point )

44.  A famous final view of things. ( 3  points )

45. First of a kind! ( 1 point )

46. Identify the most famous thing named after this fellow. The second most famous thing is shown here. ( 1 point )

47. Find a Mexican connection. ( 1  point )

48. Watchmen? You might say so. ( 1  point )

49. Id  the  structure , Id  the  bird  , Id  the  chaps  and  connect  them ( 3 points )

50. For  whom ? ( 1 point )

51. A singular connect. ( 2  points )

52. Much-reviled? Unfairly, I Think. ( 2  points )

53. For Your Eyes Only. ( 1  point )

54. Too indoorsy, and too late. Id. (  1  point )

55. A  hairy  tree  in  a  very  cold  place . (  1  point )

56. Identify royalty at right. ( 1  point )

57. Doctor Who? ( 1  point )

58. Name his famous 1984 replacement. ( 1 point )

59. Prime place for pirouetting. ( 1  point )

60. Her most infamous liaison? ( 1 point )

61. What famous name-change occurred when the proprietors moved from A to B? ( 1  point )

62. Camouflaged? Nope. ( 2  points )

63. How did National Geographic famously describe him? Name him as well. ( 1  point )

64. Dude on top was the partial inspiration for modern day classic on bottom. Name both. ( 2 points )

65 . The last answer will lead you to this one’s. But explain, or no points. ( 2  points )

66. A marvelous pussy, no? ( 1  point )

67.What head-buster connects these three? ( 2  points )

68. Id this dude from far, far away. ( 1  point )

69. Christmas people. ( 1  point )

69. Who are we taking potshots at? ( 1  point )

70. Heisenberg’s Head? Put fundaes. (Finally!) ( 2  points )

71. Not a name, but a scale. ( 1  point )

72. The “un-necessarily homoerotic” video (of which a sample is shown here) of a 1982 song  is shown here. Name the song. Please take the other visual as a rather  sad clue. ( 2  points )

73. Identify this famous Mason. ( 1 point )

74. Identify these men for all seasons. ( 1 point )

75.What 1974 act is the owner of this famed male gay art gallery known for? ( 1 point )

76. Please enter your guess for the Un-Known Theme here. ( 9  points )

77. Please enter your guess for Theme-1 here. ( 5  points )

78. Please enter your guess for Theme-2 here. ( 5  points )

79. Please enter your guess for Theme-3 here. ( 5  points )

80. And the Super-Theme ( Theme -1 + Theme-2 + Theme-3 ) will go here. ( 9  points )


1. Kaushik Saha - January 3, 2010

1. Krishna drinking Putana’s milk

7. man above – AC Clarke

10. Incident at Ramstein Air Base Germany on 28th Aug 1988

11. Beijing Olympics 2008, as a symbolic protest for Tibet.

This ad was made by http://www.rsf.org or “reporters withour borders”

12. Cruthne and Stephen Baxter. Steven Baxter’s “Manifold:

Time”, a novel in which Cruithne plays a major role; nominated

for the Arthur C. Clarke science fiction award in 2000

13. A – Mark Helprin B- Winston Churchill C-Italy X-Soft

Underbelly of Europe

14. A- Bettie Page B- Rapacchini’s Daughter X- Poison Ivy

16. Fort William Calcutta with a view of the “Black Hole”

17. King Uncle

19. A – Gutenberg. Connection is Bible

21. Airlines? Kingfisher, Virgin (from Dante and Virgin, the


23. Quidditch

24. Track is “Cancion Del Mariachi” from Desperado.

25. The World Islands

26. A – Florida Everglades B- Exodus 1947 (originally named SS President Warfield) C – Leon Uris D – Otto Preminger E –

28. Ground Zero, site of 9/11 attack. Twin Towers

30. Diego Maradona hand of God goal

31. A – Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban in Bangladesh B – Louis Kahn X – Buikding of IIM Ahmedabad C – Kimbell Art Museum Z – Michelangelo Y – The Torment of Saint Anthony D – Martin Schongauer E – streptococcus bacteria F-JOhn Dryden G- Herpes Zoster or shingles

33. Annie Moore

34. A – Gravity’s Rainbow B- USA the 42nd Parallel, 1919 the Big Money C-Slaughterhouse Five D – On The Road. They are given as contenders of “The Great American Novel”. E- Philip Roth, author of a 1973 book called “The Great American Novel”

35. A – B-Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan, a copy of “Bad Boys” C- a angry cat D- a caricature of The Beatles. Connection can be Beatles songs – Cat call and Bad Boys.

36. Pandit Ravishankar? (Fred Astaire, Dali all had long

careers , married women half their age……)

37. The lady below is Naomi Shemer (B), the Israeli songwriter

38. B – different styles of beards

40 Naga Fireballs / Naga spitting fireballs

41. The Goatse.cx front page picture, hello.jpg, showing a

naked man stretching his anus to a large size with both hands,

with the inside of his rectum clearly visible

42. A – Edmund Berkeley B – Isaac Asimov C-Grace Hopper.

Association for Computing Mechanism

43. Foxglove

44. First pic – shooting star / meteor. Second pic –

47. The name of the galaxy is Sombrero (M 104). The stadium is “Tampa Stadium” or “The Big Sombrero”. The Mexican hat is also known as Sombrero

49. Alan Moore, connection – V for Vendetta

50. Iran green movement for Mir Hossein Mousavi

61. ICICI Bank to ICICI Banking corporation Ltd.

64. Rainer Maria Rilke, Wings of Desire

66. Black Cat of Marvel Comics

67. JC Maxwell, Rene Descartes – connection Oval Curves

73. Jim O Neill, who coined term “BRIC”

75. Dog Day Afternoon

2. Manjil P. Saikia - January 3, 2010

12. Leonid meteor shower 2009

13. B- Sir Winston Churcill, X- Iron Curtain,

14. B-Rappaccini’s Daughter

18. Googolplex?

24. Track is from the movie “Desperado”

29. Los Angeles Floods

30. Maradona’s Hand of Gid goal

34. A- Gravity’s Rainbow, B-USA: The 42nd Parallel / 1919 / the Big Money

39. France’s Massif Central mountains.

40. Auroras?

41. Escher’s painting

54. Jim Beatty winning the 5000M at Palo Alto

69. Neil Nitin Mukesh

3. #709 « Food For Thought - January 3, 2010

[…] Do check out END OF DAZE […]

4. Anonymous - January 3, 2010

awesome set…..colorful quiz…am afraid f attendin

5. vijaynath.v - January 3, 2010

5.Singapore,i assume Netaji & I.N.A
7.T.S.Elliot & Wastelands or The Rocks
8.Lumbar Puncture/Spinal Tap
13.Iron curtain /C.L.Sulzberger/Winston Churchill/
14.A-Betty Page,B-Rapaccini’s daughter andX- Poison Ivy in batman comics
25.Diego garcia/indian ocean
27.Guinea worm and led to cease fire in Sudan
29.Aswan Dam across river Nile
30.Diego Maradona’s dream goal in World cup(considered as the best ever worldcup goal)
B-Louis Khan
X-IIM Ahmedabad
C-Kimbell Art museum Texas
Y- z_Adam Elshmer

38.Church of His Holy Beard
48.Duckworth and Lewis???
58.Michael Eisner (CEO of Disney) took over
71.Le carbousier,the second visual is a cathedral in notredamme designed by him.

6. Nishanth Raman - January 3, 2010

1. Cain killing Abel?
10. Ramstein airshow disaster
7. A-Arthur C Clarke, B-Giant’s Causeway(The cover art of Led Zep’s Houses of the Holy is a recreation of the ending of Clarke’s Childhood’s End)
11. Reporters Without Borders
13. A-Sandy Pearlman, X-Soft (White) Underbelly, B-Winston Churchill, C-Italy, Y-Blue Oyster Cult
14. Poison Ivy
16. Cellular Jail, Kaalapani
17. A-Geta, B-Y back Suspenders/Braces, D-Dreamz Unlimited
19. A-Johannes Gutenberg, Connect-Gutenberg Project?
23. Muggle Quidditch
26. A-The Everglades
29. Attack by the No. 617 RAF Squadron(Dambusters)
30. Hand of God goal
31(a). A-Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban, B-Louis Kahn, X-IIM(A), C-Kimbell Art Museum, Y-Torment of St. Anthony, Z-Michelangelo, D-Martin Schongauer
33. Annie Moore
34. A-Gravity’s Rainbow, B-U.S.A Trilogy, C-Slaughterhouse Five, D-On The Road, E-William Burroughs
36. J.R.D Tata?
40. Naga fireballs
41. Goatse.cx
42. Robert A. Heinlein,Issac Asimov,L. Sprague de Camp worked at the Philadelphia Naval Yard during WW2, all brought together by I Scoles. Rogue Queen by Camp was inpired by that?
43. Hogwort
46. John Harvard and Harvard University
47. Sombrero – The Big Sombrero and Sombrero Galaxy
50. Mir Hossein Mousavi
56. Taj Mahal
57. Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi
61. A-Chintamani, B-Lalgarh Palace hence Junagarh(Old Fort) Fort
62. The Hidden Fortress
63. National Geographic man and Luis Marden
67. Only features named on Venus, which are not women names(Maxwell)
69. The Republic by Plato
71. Modulor by Le Corbusier
72. Body Language by Queen
75. Castro Street Fair

7. Chitananda - January 3, 2010

4 A – Paule Rever’s Ride B – Sing a Song of Sixpence
5 Maximo Gomez – Domino Park
6 Loktak Lake
7 Arthur C Clarke – Childhood’s End
8 Spinal Injection – Block
10 Ramstein Airshow Disaster
11 Reporters sans Frontiers – beijing 2008
12 Cruithne – Stephen Baxter
13 A – Sandy Pearlman, B – Churchill, C- Italy, X – Soft underbelly ,Y – Blue Öyster Cult
14 A- Bettie page B- Rappaccino’s daughter = Poison Ivy
16 Fort William – Black Hole
19 Guttenberg – Faust
21 D – Dante’s Cross C – Elton john
23 Muggle Quidditch
24 Laxmikant Pyarelal’s only Malayalam score for the film ‘Poonila Mazha’ – Song, ‘Thak thaank’ (1997) The Mariachi track, ‘Cancion del Mariachi’ by Antonio Banderas and Los Lobos was part of Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Desperado’ (1995) soundtrack
25 Dubai world
26 A- Florida Everglades, B – Exodus C-Leon Uris, D – Otto Preminger
27 X – Guinea Worm, Y – Rod of Asclepius
29 Operation Chastice(Dambusters)
30 Maradona’s Hand of God Goal
31 A- Parliament of bangladesh, B – Louis Kahn, X – IIMA, C-Kimbell Art Museum, Y – Portrat of a woman, Z- Gainsborough, D – Hubert Gravelot, F – Dryden Connect: Anne Killgrew??
33 Annie Moore
34 Gravity’s Rainbow, USA (trilogy), Slaughterhouse 5, On the Road (Modern Library 100 Best Novels??)
37 Naomi Harris _ pirates of the carribean
39 Chavanon Viaduct – Merlines and Messeix
40 Fireball spitting Naga – Thailand
41 Goatse.cx
42 In “Green Fire” (1998), a collaborative novella , the science fiction writers Robert A. Heinlein(A), Isaac Asimov(B), and L. Sprague De Camp(D), along with Grace Hopper(C), take part in the Philadelphia Experiment, with the assistance of Nikola Tesla and the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl.(E)
47 Mexican Wave
49 Alan Moore
50 Iranian Green Movement – Mir Hossein Mousavi
62 Toshiro Mifune
64 Wings of Desire basedon Rilke’s poem
66 Catwoman
76 Science Fiction Novels

8. jo - January 3, 2010

4. yankee doodle , sing a song of sixpence .
8.lumbar puncture for CSF (spinal tap )
11.beijing Olympics 2008 logo by reporters without borders
12 .event is K5
Cruithne, steven baxter (manifold:time)
14. bettie page, rappaccini’s daughter, poison ivy (of batman fame)
23. muggle quidditch
24 .el mariachi ..(Antonio…antonio…!!)
27. dracunculiasis, rod of Asclepius/ caduceus
30. maradonna’s “hand of god” goal .tineyed.
Ergotism ,erysipelas and HZ are also known as st.Antony’s fire. Hence the connect to Y.
32.joan Sutherland.
33. annie moore- first immigrant to pass thru ellis isle
34. a. Gravity’s Rainbow,
b. usa trilogy
c. slaughter house five
d. on the road
e.philip roth
connect : (“the) great american novel” (s)

40. naga fireballs of Mekong river .tineyed.
41. hello.jpg. (goatse.cx parodies)
50. Iranian green movt ; mir hossein mousavi
57 .al martino ? tineyed
59.nat kim cole

9. viswas - January 3, 2010

too lazy to google…


4.yankee doodle

5.Jomo Kenyata



8.spinal taping

9.maximum window panes?

10.NATO Plane exercise


12.Jef Bezos,Amazon’s Space Flight

13.A ,B-Churchill,C-Italy, X-Black dog, Y-Silvio Berlusconi

14.A-George Eliot,Y-The Scarlet Pinpernel, X-Thomas Hardy






20.A-NFS,B-outback, X-Tour de France,Y- Z-Oz

21. Kingfisher,

22.A-orpheus,b-Robinson Crusoe, C-Steve Jobs


24.shankar jaikishan



27.ring worm disease, phishing

28.A-Al jazeera, b- Al tariq,c-frederick forsyth, D- ford coppolla, e- coppolla

29.hoover dam-earthquake

30.maradona’s greatest goal

31.A- France-Elysee palace,B-lee corbusier C- X-rock garden D-

E- F- wordsworth,F-herpes cnctn- solitary reaper

32.Louis XVI-Sun King nickname fundae

33.Agatha Von Trapp

34.A-Gravity’s Rainbow,C- Trout,D-on the road—–ken kesey—


36. Gandhiji


39.US & Canada

40.hanuman’s heart ripping cene to show Rama inside?




44. shooting star,maple,


50.Hell’s Angels

51. existencialism


56.Hailey Selassie


58.Mark anderson,Union Carbide


62. Seven Samurai

63.Supercomputer-Seymour Cray




70.Socrates & Plato

74.spilberg n lucas

75.Pop art-andy warhol



10. abhijeet - January 3, 2010

1.Beowulf and Grendel’s Mother, byRockwell Kent-Tribute to Beowulf

2.The Zardoz Head(from the 1974 film ‘Zardoz’)

4. A- John Gilpin
B- Sing a song of six pence

5. Maximo Gomez Park

6.Area 51

7.a-Arthur C Clarke

8. Lumbar puncture

9. first skyscraper on an album cover??

10. Ramstein airshow disaster in 1988

11.Beijing Olympics 2008

12.A-3753 Cruithne
B- Duncan Waldron

13.b-Winston Churchill
x- X- Soft underbelly of Europe

14. a-Bettie page
b-Rappaccini’s daughter
c-Poison ivy

16. Old Fort William

D-Aziz Mirza

18.22(Case Study House #22)

19.Printing Press??

20.a- Gran Turismo HD Concept
b- Kleine Scheidegg

x- Jungfrau Marathon
y- Interlaken
z-J. R. R. Tolkien’s valley of Rivendell

21.d- The Barque of Dante

23. Muggle Quidditch

24- Cancion del Mariachi from Desperado

25.Michael Schumacher’s private island in ‘The World ’(Dubai)

26.a-South Florida
c-Leon Uris
d- Otto Preminger

27.X- Dracunculiasis
Y- Stripping of varicose veins

28.Tiger Stadium??

29. Failure of the South Fork Dam

30.Hand of God (Maradona)

31.a-Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban
b-Louis Kahn
c-Kimbell Art Museum
d-Martin Schongauer
f-John Dryden
g-Herpes zoster(shingles)

X-Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
y-The Torment of Saint Anthony

33.Annie Moore

34.a-Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
b-U.S.A trilogy by Don Passos
c- Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
d- On the Road by Jack Kerouac
Connect-Great American Novel

a-Idi Amin

c-Fred Astaire
d-Salvador Dali

b-Naomi Shemer
Connect-both served in the army

Cathedral Beard???

39.a-Bridge of the Americas
b-Centennial Bridge

Bridges over the Panama Canal-connects the North and South American land masses

40. Naga spitting fireballs



43. Lupin

47-a-Tampa Stadium(nicknamed “The Big Sombrero”)
b-Sombrero Galaxy
connect- Sombrero hats originating in Mexico

49.a-Modern reconstruction of Sutter’s Mill.
b-Marbled Godwit
c-Alan Moore,

50. Mir Hossein Mousavi

51.a-Kanye West

c-Bee Gees

52.c-Carrot Top

54. Jim Beatty

55. Downy Birch

57.Al Martino

64.a-Rainer Maria Rilke
b-Wings of Desire

69.Ricky Martin


76.Symbols for countries???(panama canal,sombrero,Olympics,birch,skyscraper,mountains etc)

77.(40-43)-mythical animals???

11. Arun Hiregange - January 3, 2010

1. William Blake: David and Goliath

2. Godzilla. [Second guess would have been from some Ray Harryhausen movie. I’ve seen this clip but cant remember where. Aaaargh!]

4. Paul Revere / Four and Twenty blackbirds nursery rhyme

7. Arthur C Clarke’s Childhood’s End ends at Giant’s Causeway. Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy Album cover is

set there also and inspired by the Clarke book.

8. This is Spinal Tap! (aka lumbar puncture). I hope you dont cut points for the missing non-functional umlaut.

9. Maximum suicide jumps

10. Ramstein Airshow – Frecce Tricolori

11. Reporters Without Borders ad against suppression of freedom in China (ad came around the time of Beijing

2008, hence the rings)

12. Cruithne (sometime’s called Earth’s second moon) plays a role in Stephen Baxter’s Manifold: Time

13. Churchill referred to Italy as The Shoe

A=Bettie Page
B=The short story Rappaccini’s Daughter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne
X=Poison Ivy

16. The Black Hole of Calcutta

17. geta (wooden japanese shoes), fishtail pants, Alaskan hat, Aziz Mirza & SRK. Some fish connection. 🙂

19. Gutenberg & ??

20. Gran Turismo game, B=Spa, X=Spa 24-hour race, C=Meiringen, Y=Oberhasli, Z=Reichenbach Falls

21. B=Kingfisher, D=Barque of Dante by Delacroix

23. Muggle Quidditch

24. Cancion del Mariachi copied by Laxmikant Pyarelal for their only Malayalam score for the film ‘Poonila

Mazha’ – Song, ‘Thak thaank’

25. The World project in Dubai to create artificial islands in the shape of the world. Buyers by invitation

only. 🙂

A=Florida Everglades
B=The Exodus, formerly President Warfield, arriving at Haifa
C=Leon Uris
D=Otto Preminger
E=Alex Preminger 🙂

29. The Dambusters squadron

30. Maradona’s Hand of God goal

A=Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban in Bangladesh
B=Louis Kahn
C=Kimbell Art Museum
Y=The Torment of Saint Anthony
D=Martin Schongauer
E=Ergot also called St. Anthony’s fire
F=John Dryden suffered from Erysipelas or St. Anthony’s fire
G=Herpes Zoster or Shingles also called St. Anthony’s fire
Also, St. Anthony is invoked to cure infestations and skin diseases

33. Annie Moore

34. Great American Novel
A=Gravity’s Rainbow
B=The 42nd Parallel / 1919 / The Big Money by John Dos Passos
C=Slaughterhouse Five
D=On The Road
E=Saul Bellow’s The Adventures of Augie March was also given this unofficial title

35. Badshah Khan
A=Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan also called this
B=Amitabh’s name in Khudah Gawah
C=Voice provided by SRK also called Badshah Khan
D=The Beatles. No idea of connect.

36. Kentucky Colonels : actor Rajkumar is one Indian who definitely got this title, I don’t know if there are

more. Mae West, Normal Schwarzkopf, Fred Astaire, Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh are shown here.

37. Walt Whitman & Naomi Shemer. Shemer translated the words of Whitman’s “Oh Captain, My Captain” in memory of

murdered Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin.

40. Naga Fireballs – The Mysterious Phenomenon on Mekong River. Naga is the dragon shown there.

41. http://www.goatse.com

42. “Green Fire” written by Eileen Gunn with Andy Duncan, Pat Murphy, and Michael Swanwick is a World War II era

story featuring young sf writers D=L. Sprague de Camp, A=Robert A. Heinlein, B=Isaac Asimov, computer pioneer

C=Grace Hopper, Aztec deity E=Quetzalcoatl along with Nikola Tesla. They participate in the Philadelphia


43. If nothing to do with Harry Potter, must be Lavender flowers

44. 2001 – A Space Odyssey

45. Sam ‘n’ Henry was a radio series which is often considered to be the first situation comedy (sit-com).

46. Harvard University after John Harvard

47. Sombrero (Tampa stadium and Galaxy M104 nickname)

49. The Underground Railroad, Curlew, Alan Moore. Dr. Syn the Scarecrow is the connection.

50. Neda Agha-Soltan (Iranian Green Revolution)

51. Herman Hesse and Steppenwolf

52. Big Dipper, Stilt Bird, Carrot Top: Wilt Chamberlain

56. BB King

57. H1N1 in Mexico

59. Sundance Square in Forth Worth, specifically the Fort Worth Dallas Ballet and the Jett Building which

features the Chisholm Trail Mural

62. Hidden Fortress (basis for Star Wars) and Dave Prowse (the man inside the Darth Vader costume)

64. Rainer Maria Rilke & Wings of Desire

66. Character from Cats the musical based on the comic

69. Plato and Aristotle

69. Oscar de la Hoya and son

70. Uncertainty principle -> Doubt -> Doubting Thomas

71. The Modulor is an anthropometric scale of proportions devised by Le Corbusier

72. Body Language by Queen

73. Nick Mason of Pink Floyd

74. Robert Shaw and Roy Scheider in Jaws. Robert Shaw played Henry VIII in The Man For All Seasons.

75. Robert Opel streaked at the 46th Academy Awards ceremony

76. Theme1: ??
77. Theme2: ??
78. Theme3: Film Festivals
79. Theme4: Censorship Laws
80: Super Theme: ??

12. Abhi - January 3, 2010

Not a great response, because not much time to take off from new year recreation… 🙂

10. 28 August 1988 US-Airbase Ramstein West-Germany Frecce Tricolori Airshow

11. Reporters without borders ad for the internet
censorship during beijing olympics..

13. Soft underbelly??

14. Bettie page and Hawthorne’s Rappaccini’s daughter, both inspired the DC character Poison ivy.

17. Geta, suspenders and shahrukh. not sure what the
connect is though.. 😀

19. Gutenberg and Frederich koenig. Printing presses

20. A: Gran Turismo
B: Kleine Scheidegg
X: Jungfrau marathon
y: Interlaken
c: Grindelwald
Z: Alderaan, of star wars fame

21. I saw kingfisher beer, and got distracted from the rest of the pics…

23. Quidditch

24. Cancion del mariachi and lakshmikanth pyarelaal.
Their only mallu song, and they lifted mariachi.

25. The world islands off the coast of Dubai.

29. Operation Chastise?

30. Maradona’s second goal in the game against England, which was famous for the hand of god goal.

31. A: Sher-e-Bangla Nagor
B: Louis I. Kahn
C: Kimball art museum
X: IIM ahmedabad

34. A: Gravity’s rainbow
B: John Dos passos’s usa trilogy
C: slaughterhouse five
D: Jack kerouac’s ‘on the road’

all are contenders for the great american novel, so the man in picture must have also written one..

36. I see the mae west room. Fail to get the indian

41. Goatse.cx

69. Too far-fetched, but plato?

13. Uppayi Maapla - January 3, 2010

The link is in a bad shape. If I happen to make multiple submissions, please approve only one

2. Exorcist 😦

4. The second one looks like a reference to the nursery rhyme ‘Sing a song of sixpence’ (“Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie”). Agatha Christie has based an atrocious novel named ‘A pocket full of rye’ based on that

The first looks like an aged Paul Revere. No idea what to do with these

7. A=Arthur C Clarke. and Giant’s Causeway

Tennyson wrote ‘Morte d’ Arthur’ and .. err.. no clue

9. “The tallest building ever exposed to a huge seismic force” says wiki. Torre Latinoamericano

10. Ramstein airbase crash of 1988

11. Reporters without borders on Beijing Olympics

12. The orbit of Cruithne, earth’s second moon.

13. A= Sandy Pearlman B=Winston Churchill C=Italy X=Soft (white) Underbelly Y= Blue Oyster Cult.

14. Bettie Page, Rappaccini’s Daughter, Poison Ivy

15. Old Turks ?

16. Cellular jail

19. Gutenberg &

20. Z=Reichenbach falls. C could be Meiringen.

23. Muggle quidditch.

24. El Mariachi. L-P. Their song in poonilamazha Thaka thank is teh connect

25. World Islands, Dubai

26. B. Exodus c. Leon Uris D. Otto Preminger E.

28. Warner Brothers

29. Dambusters? (“after me the deluge”)

30. Maradona, Argentina v England, 1986 WC, first goal

31. B Louis Kahn, A Bangladesh parliament building, C Kimbell Art Museum, X – IIM-A,

34. a. Gravity’s Rainbow d. On the road

35. A=Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, B – Mithun/AB C – a cat ! D=Beatles

36. Ismail Merchant

37. A=Walt Whitman who wrote “Oh Captain, My Captain” B= Naomi Schemer who wrote the same about Yitzhak Rabin.

42. Henlein, Asimov, Grace Murray-Hopper, Sprague De Camp, Quetzalcotl, Tesla, Philadephia Experiment

46. Mt Koscuiko

47. Wave?

52. (a) Pleidas?

54. Jim Beatty, the first man to run sub-4 mile indoors

62. Hidden fortress. Some R2D2/C3PO funda ?

75. Robert Opel, streaked during Oscars

14. Arun Hiregange - January 3, 2010

Adding more
76. Theme1: Science Fiction Grandmasters

15. Arun Hiregange - January 3, 2010

And one more (the last one):
54. Jim Beatty, first indoor 4-minute mile

16. Rithwik K - January 3, 2010

4.The Emperor with no clothes
5. Maximo Gomez : Maximo Gomez Park, a park in Miami, Florida, United States, – better known as Domino Park – was named in his honor.
6.Loktak Lake
9. Maria Daniela y su Sonido Lasser
10. Ramstein airshow disaster was one of the world’s deadliest airshow disasters.
11.Reporters Without Borders.( http://www.rsf.org), regarding the Olympics in China.
12. 3753 Cruithne has been called “Earth’s second moon”,
B – Hunter Stockton Thompson
14.Poison Ivy
The character was partly inspired by the short story Rappaccini’s Daughter,written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Robert Kanigher has stated that she was originally modeled after Bettie Page.
15.Ronald Ross
16.Old Fort William of Calcatta of infamous Black hole tragedy fame
17. Dreamz Unlimited film company owned by Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Aziz Mirza in 1999. So far they have produced 3 films, where the first two Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (2000) and Asoka (2001) were failures at the box office. But their third movie Chalte Chalte (2003) was the first hit movie of the production company.Chalthe Chalthe so chappals are shown in A.
19.A – Johannes Gutenberg
B –
21.A –
B – Kingfisher strong
C –
D – The Barque of Dante by Eugène Delacroix
23.Muggle Quidditch
24. Laxmikant Pyarelal’s only Malayalam score for the film ‘Poonila Mazha’ – Song, ‘Thak thaank’ (1997) The Mariachi track, ‘Cancion del Mariachi’ by Antonio Banderas and Los Lobos was part of Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Desperado’ (1995) soundtrack.
25.The World is a man-made archipelago of 300 islands constructed in the rough shape of a map of the landmasses of the Earth, located 4 kilometres off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
26.A – Florida Everglades
B – SS Exodus named after S. Davies Warfield
C – Leon Uris
D – Otto Ludwig Preminger
E – Ludwig Thomas
27.A – Dracunculiasis, more commonly known as Guinea worm disease (GWD)
B – the fiery serpent
28.Walt Disney Company
29. Operation Chastise was the official name for attacks carried out by Royal Air Force No. 617 Squadron – subsequently known as the Dambusters – on German dams on May 16/17, 1943, using a specially developed “bouncing bomb” invented and developed by Barnes Wallis.
30.Sitter ! The Historical infamous goal by Diego Maradona in 1986world cup : Hand of God
31.A-Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban National Assembly Building of Bangladesh, located in the capital Dhaka.
B – Louis Kahn
C – Kimbell Art Museum
D – Martin Schongauer
X – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
Y – The Torment of Saint Anthony is the earliest known painting by Michelangelo (Z)
F– John Dryden
G – Shingles
33.Annie Moore the first immigrant to the United States to pass through the Ellis Island facility in New York Harbor.
34.A – Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
B – USA Trilogy
C – Slaughterhouse 5
D – On the Road by Jack Keroac
Connect – Great American Novel
35.A – Khan Abdul Ghaffer khan
B – Bade Miyan Chote Miyan
C – Angry Cat
D – The Beatles
Connect : Bengaldesh Consort
36.Mahatma Gandhi
They are Fred Astaire and Mae West
B-Naomi Shemar
39. Chavanon Viaduct located in the Chavanon Valley in France connecting the towns of Merlines and Messeix.
40.Naga Fire Balls : phenomenon seen in the Mekong river — in Thailand (Nong Khai province and Isan) and in Laos
41.Goatse.cx : Internet shock site.
Goatse Cookies
God’s Hand
A parody was submitted to BBC News under the guise of an alternative Olympic Logo for the 2012 games.
42.Grace Murray hopper of COBOL language fame.
43. Pandora flowers Avatar : the favour of the season.
45.Curater’s Egg
46.Hudson bay
47.A – Tampa Stadium
B – Sombrero Galaxy, called M104 by Messier number
Connect : Sombrero
48.Warner bros
49.A – Sutter’s Mill where the famous Goldrush started
Golden Rower
B –Gene Ha and Alan Moore have created Top 10: The Forty-Niners
49er derives from 1849, the California Gold Rush and is used to describe the gold prospectors that came to California during the gold rush
50.Iranian Green Revolution
54.Sebastien Coe
55.Methusaleh tree
56.Willaim gibson & BB King
57.Al Martino
58.Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr. “the most trusted man in America”
59.Eagle Pub
60.Michael phelps
61.Ban Ki moon
62.Rashamon by Kurasowa
64.A – Rainer Maria Rilke
B – Wings of Desire
67.A – Christiaan Huygens
B – James Clerk Maxwell
C – Pierre-Simon Laplace
Connect : Rings of Saturn
In 1787, Pierre-Simon Laplace suggested that the rings were composed of a large number of solid ringlets.In 1859, James Clerk Maxwell demonstrated that the rings could not be solid or they would become unstable and break apart. He proposed that the rings must be composed of numerous small particles, all independently orbiting Saturn.
Viv Richards
68.Pedro Collins ? similar but not for sure !
69.Anwar Sadat & Dubya Bush
70. The statue represents the youthful David, future king of the Israelites, triumphantly posed over the head of the slain Goliath.Here the bust of Goliath is shown.
71.Stories pun on STOREYS
74.Stephen King
75. Castro Street Fair organized by Harvey Milk
76. Dungeons & Dragons
77.Ramsar Convention
78. Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
79. Florida

17. Arun A S - January 3, 2010

1. David killing Goliath?

7. The cover art for Houses of the Holy was inspired by the ending of Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Childhood’s End.

8. Spinal tap/lumbar puncture

11. Reporters Sans Frontières

12. The first image is that of 3753 Cruithne, which is sometimes called “Earth’s second moon”. It plays a major role in Steven Baxter’s “Manifold: Time”.

13. A –
B – Winston Churchill
C – Italy
X – Underbelly of Europe/soft underbelly
Y –

14. Poison Ivy from Batman was partly inspired by the short story Rappachini’s Daughter and was modelled after Bettie Page.

16. Black Hole of Calcutta

23. Quidditch

24. Lakshmikant – Pyarelal’s only malayalam film was Poonila Mazha. A song in this film, “Thak thaank” was a rip off from Canción del Mariachi by Los Lobos and Antonio Banderas.

25. World Islands, Dubai

26. A – Florida Everglades
B – Exodus 1947/SS Exodus
C – Leon Uris
D – Otto Preminger

30. Maradona’s goal of the century

35. Comedy of errors?

37. Naomi Shemer translated Walt Whitman’s “O Captain! My Captain” into Hebrew

41. Goatse.cx

18. jo - January 3, 2010

2. bwana devil
4. yankee doodle , sing a song of sixpence .
7. a. Arthur .c. Clarke. Tin eyed
b.giants causeway
led zeppelins houses of the holy
[The cover art for Houses of the Holy was inspired by the ending of Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Childhood’s End – It is a collage of several photographs which were taken at the Giant’sCauseway,]
8.lumbar puncture for CSF (spinal tap )
11.beijing Olympics 2008 logo by reporters without borders
12 .event is K5
Cruithne, steven baxter (manifold:time)
13. x- soft underbelly
b. Churchill
14. bettie page, rappaccini’s daughter, poison ivy (of batman fame)
16. black hole,Calcutta.
21. a.
b.kingfisher beer!
c. sacrifice video by Elton john
d. barque of dante by delacroix
23. muggle quidditch
24 .el mariachi ..(Antonio…antonio…!!)
26. a. florida
b. exodus 1947 steam liner
c. leon uris
d. otto Preminger
e. john otto . of limp bizkit
27. dracunculiasis, rod of Asclepius/ caduceus
30. maradonna’s “hand of god” goal .tineyed.
Ergotism ,erysipelas and HZ are also known as st.Antony’s fire. Hence the connect to Y.
32.joan Sutherland.
33. annie moore- first immigrant to pass thru ellis isle
34. a. Gravity’s Rainbow,
b. usa trilogy
c. slaughter house five
d. on the road
e.philip roth
connect : (“the) great american novel” (s)

40. naga fireballs of Mekong river .tineyed.
41. hello.jpg. (goatse.cx parodies)
50. Iranian green movt ; mir hossein mousavi
57 .al martino ? tineyed
59.nat kim cole

74. fidel and roul castro
77. 100 best novels in English list by modern library
78. all are fictitious 😛

19. Jayakanthan - January 4, 2010

please ignore previous comment. here goes the new attempt:

1 david / goliath
4 B – sing a song of sixpence
5 Máximo Gómez
7 cover art of led zep’s houses of the holy – inspired by the ending to arthur c clarke’s childhood’s end, was shot at giants causeway
8 lumbar puncture or spinal tap
9 Torre Latinoamericana – world’s first major skyscraper successfully built on highly active seismic land.
10 ramstein air disaster
11 reporters without borders
12 cruithne, stephen baxter, who wrote a novel “manifold: time” in which cruithne plays a role
13 sandy pearlman, soft white underbelly, churchill, italy, blue oyster cult
14 a – bettie page b – rappacini’s daughter x – poison ivy
16 black hole of calcutta
17 clogs, fishtail trousers, aziz mirza (dreamz)
18 90210
19 guttenberg, runeberg – lend their names to projects that digitize books
22 a – the body of sarpedon is being taken away to lycia; sarpedon’s grand dad – belerophon; most famous resident of B (mount chimera) is chimera; both were featured as a fictional disease in Mission Impossible 2; the prequel of which (MI) was directed by Brian De Palma
23 Muggle Quidditch
24 cancion del mariachi from the film desperado – ripped off by laxmikant pyarelal for a song in the malayalam film that they composed for
25 the world – artificial islands off the shore of jumeirah
26 florida everglades, exodus 1947, leon uris, otto preminger, john otto
27 guinea worm disease, Rod of Asclepius
30 hand of god goal
31 A – Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban (Bangladesh’s national assembly), B – Louis Kahn, C – Kimbell Art Museum, Texas, D – Martin Schongauer, X – IIM, Ahmedabad, Y – The Torment of Saint Anthony, Z – Michelangelo, E – ergotism, F – John Dryden, G – shingles (Ergotism, Shingles and Erysipelas are all associated with St. Anthony’s fire, Dryden died of Erysipelas)
33 annie moore – first immigrant to set foot on ellis island
34 gravity’s rainbow, USA trilogy, slaughterhouse five, on the road – all of them are contenders for the so called “great american novel”, philip roth wrote a book titled “the great american novel”
35 Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, beatles, bade miyan chote miyan
36 kannada actor raj kumar – was a kentucky colonel – other people to have won it include yahya jammeh, norman schwarzkopf, fred astaire and mae west
40 Naga Fireballs of Nong Khai
41 goatse.cx
42 a- heinlein. b – asimov, c – grace murray hopper, d – L. Sprague De Camp, e – Quetzalcoatl and Nikola Tesla allegedly take part in the Philadelphia experiment in the fictional work “Green Fire”
44 Lester Burnham’s (Kevin Spacey) dying visions in American Beauty (For me, it was lying on my back at Boy Scout camp, watching falling stars… And yellow leaves, from the maple trees, that lined my street… Or my grandmother’s hands, and the way her skin seemed like paper… And the first time I saw my cousin Tony’s brand new Firebird… And Janie… And Janie… And… Carolyn.)
46 Harvard University
47 Sombrero – Tampa stadium known as the big sombrero; sombrero galaxy
49 alan moore
50 victims of iranian crackdown on demcratic protestors
52 big dipper, -, carrot top
56 ben e. king
57 lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi
58 alex trebek
59 sundance square
62 hidden fortress
64 Rainer Maria Rilke, Wings of Desire
66 Mephistopheles – mephisto, comics character; Mr. Mistoffelees from cats
69 Plato
70 sculpture depicting head of john the baptist
71 buildings designed by le corbusier
76 origins of band names
80 h2g2

20. anil raghavan - January 4, 2010

7))arthurc.clarke/beach house in srilanka
8)lumbar puncture for anasthesia/fluid collection
9)maria daniela lasser album cover/suicide prone bldg
10)1998 kissimer airshow in florida
110chicago olympics
12)3753 cruithne/stephen baxter
13)soft white underbelly/sandy pearlmanb)churcill/soft underbellyc)italy
14)betty page
b)rappaccini’s daughter
x)poison ivy
160balck hole in old fort william,calcutta
17)jhhota hai japani song/raj kapoor
22)icarus being helped by athena/prometheus
24)banderas/laxmikant/pyarelal who lifted the desparado track for poonilamazha
25)hydropolis/worlds first underwater hotel in dubai
c0leon uris
d0otto preminger
27)guinea worm extraction/dqr
29)aswan dam
30)maradona goalv/s england
31a)jatiyo sanshadb)louis kahnx)IIMAc)kimball art museum
34)a)gravity’s rainbow
b)USA/42nd parallel/1919/the big money
c0slaughterhouse5d0on the road/kerouac
the pastoral/philip roth?
350gandhiji/mont blanc39)huey p long connecting louisiana7bridge city
40)naga spitting fireballs in mekong river
41)some anal expansion theory
42)the blackwidowers/men only club acting as detectives/writers
54)jim ryun
57)christian barnard
started late,so i give up

21. Ajay Parasuraman - January 4, 2010

1. david killing goliath?
2. akashvani? the voice that created the universe?
3. random guess.. mark zuckerberg
7. treaty of park avenue, arthur clarke
8. a very painful incision type tattooing process 😐
9.the building in the maria daniela y su sonido lasser album
11. chicago being stolen the olympic bid
12. manifold time by stephen baxter based on cruithne
13. churchill and map of italy. dunno word
14. betty page, rappaccino’s daughter, poison ivy
15. mattangeris 😀
16. fort william calcutta. black hole (in)famy
17. bootstrap and bootlegging. aziz and srk are shown.
18. 42. 🙂
19. lavoisier and guillotine.
20. colin mcrae rally. french alps. tour de france. ermpf.
21. genres of movies. dante – (divine) comedy etc?
23. (muggle) quidditch
24. ai ai ai muis sombrero – title track of that movie… whose name escapes me X-(
25. part of world islands, dubai
26. chesapeake. exodus. tidewater by steamboat by david holly is the work based on the ship/freighter
27. measels
28. warner brothers’ studio?
30. diego maradona’s hand of god
31. william caxton. virgil’s aenid translated by john dryden. Entamoeba histolytica. smallpox.
32. pygmalion. somehow.
33. annie moore. the real ellis island.
34. gravity’s rainbow. on the road. 42nd parallel. slaughterhouse five.
35. ISKCON. Beatles’ Govinda Jaya Jaya
37. naomi shemer. some sparrow funda?
39. n. and s. korea
40. snakes being able to shoot fireballs through water and above the surface at a target? naga fireballs.
41. goatse
42. asimov. grace hopper. dr. susan calvin inspired.
43. nilakurinji
47. noel gallagher
49. Damon Albarn and Alan Moore
50. iranian green revolution. the hand heart.
52. the word “dipper” is the connect
64. rainer maria rilke inspired wings of desire
68. ahmed best who voiced jar jar binks
69. rafael and miguel nadal
69. two 69s! anyways, plato? his law of justice and all?
73. raymond burr
74. paul scofield and robert bolt

22. arun - January 4, 2010

5. Maximo Gomez , little havana, florida
6. Quilon
7. Houses of the holy, taken from Childhood’s end by Arthur C clarke, and a photoshoot at the Giant’s causeway, Antrim.
8. a lumbar puncture.
9. torre latinoamericana – first skyscraper on a seismic land.
10. Ramstein air show disaster – 1998
11. reporters without borders, beijing 2008
12. stephen baxter, cites cruithne (the asteroid) in his book Manifold:time.
13. winston churchill called italy the ‘soft underbelly’ of europe, a term used by the ‘blue oyester cult’ band originally.
16. black hole of calcutta
27. guinea worm infestation (dracunculiasis) – led to the ‘guinea worm ceasefire’.
31. G – herpes zoster

23. End of Daze 2009 « The Daily Quiz Blog of Dreamz Quiz Clubs - January 4, 2010

[…] End of Daze 2009 […]

24. rajith ravi - January 27, 2010

Where can we find the answers of End of Daze 2009?

25. sharath - February 3, 2010

good quiz, can u provide me the answers for 2009 final quiz

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