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Daily Question # 435 December 30, 2009

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It  was  supposed  to  be  A . But  nowadays  it  is  B  which  holds  that  title .

What ?

Clue : Indian  region



Quoting  Appu ,

“A – Palace of Culture in Warsaw
B – Triumph-Palace apartment building in Moscow, sometimes called the Eighth Tower or Eighth Sister because it is similar in appearance to the Seven Sisters skyscrapers built by Stalin in Moscow”

Cracked  by  Appu , Nishanth  Raman  and  Arun .

Daily Question # 434 December 29, 2009

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Who  had  an  overactive  diaphragm ?

Winston  Churchill .

The  huge  zigzag  seen  on  Jordan’s  ( map  above )  eastern  border  is  known  as  Winston’s  Hiccup  cos  he  supposedly  drew  the  boundary  after  a  generous  and  lengthy  lunch . ( And  a  hiccup  involves  a  hyperactive  diaphragm )

Cracked  only  by  Ajith  Prabhakar . Salut  Sir !

Daily Question # 433 December 28, 2009

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Am  looking  for  someone  who  doesnt  take  to  the  skies  well .

Kimjongilia , named  after  Kim  Jong-il . He  has  a  fear  of  flying .

Uncracked .

Daily Question # 432 December 28, 2009

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Connect .






Table  Tennis  Grips .

The  V  grip ( A ) , Pistol  grip ( B ) , Penhold  grip ( C ) , Handshake  grip ( D )  and  Seemiller  grip ( named  after  Dan  Seemiller – E ) .

Only  Abhijeet  and  Rithwik  got  a  good  grip  on  this  one . Good  job !

Daily Question # 431 December 26, 2009

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What ? Where ?

The  Diver , the  only  sculpture  standing  in  the  river  Thames .


Daily Question # 430 December 25, 2009

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NOTE: We expect email registrations for EoD. RSVP at the Facebook page will not do 🙂 thank you and here’s today’s question.

Connect .



Quoting  Kaushik  Saha ,

“The painting is “The Suicide of Dorothy Hale” by Frida Kahlo (drawn in 1939).

The person is Myra Bairstow who wrote a play based on Hale’s suicide, “The Rise of Dorothy Hale” which premiered Off-Broadway at the St. Luke’s Theater on September 30, 2007″

Cracked  by  Abhijeet , Kaushik  Saha , Anil  Raghavan  and  Debasish . Half  credits  to  Yadhu , Rithwik  and  Appu .

Daily Question # 429 December 24, 2009

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Claim  to  fame  of  the  area  marked  in  red ?

Quoting  Appu ,

“Korvatunturi  mountains  in  Lapland  in  Finland  is  the  place  where  Santa  Claus (or  Joulupukki  in  Finnish) is  said to  live”

Cracked  by  Kum Aar , Freestyler , Abhijeet , Balakrishnan , Appu , Nayantara  and  Anil Raghavan .

Merry  X’mas , have  a  ball !

Daily Question # 428 December 24, 2009

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Connect ( or  disconnect  rather ) .



Jeffrey  Archer  authored  The  Prodigal  Daughter while  Dean  Koontz ( B )  authored  Prodigal  Son 🙂

Cracked  only  by  Anil  Raghavan . Full  credits  to  Appu  as  well , for  both  the  IDs  and  the  info 😛 . Super  job , as  usual ! Half  credits  to  Yadhu .

End of Daze 2009 – The Year-End Online Quiz December 23, 2009

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A year after we started off with our first really-big online quiz, we bring to you the second, more advanced version of EoD, as End of Daze 2009.

Venue: right here 🙂

Timing: The quiz will be open from 10pm, Saturday, 2nd January, to 10pm, Sunday, 3rd January

Prizes: Cash Prizes to top two places in Open category
Cash prize to winner of School Category (upto 12th grade, to be ferpectly clear, as Thompson would say :))

Prior Registration is essential. Since anyway all the believers will turn up, I guess you can register beforehand.

E-mail us at captain.chandrakant@gmail.com/swordthatwasbroken@gmail.com for registering. Your name and category (Open/School) will be all that is required. Registration closes on the midnight of 1st January.

Your QMs for the day, as ever, will be Capitaine and the Big Fat Panda

General Info:

1. Quiz will be reasonably arbit and probably difficult.
2. Only one entry per person (i.e, no multiple entries: only first one will be accepted)
3. No late entries and please dont try the failed internet connection thingy.
4. Please write your real names: no chat names or other nicks will be accepted.
5. The QMs reserve the right to be snotty.

Thank you, and Happy Quizzing!


Capitaine and BFP

Daily Question # 427 December 22, 2009

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What  is  being  demonstrated  here ?

The  Mike  Austin  Swing , which  was  used  to  hit  the  longest  recorded  drive  in  a  professional  tour  event .

Balakrishnan  was  the  only  one  to  hit  a  hole-in-one . Fantastic  work  dude !