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Daily Question # 706 February 18, 2011

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Keep it zimble. Whose hands be these?


Daily Question #451 January 19, 2010

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Laziness prevents me from posting photos of more of these people. The most famous one is missing. Or is he?

The dude missing is Ian Fleming.

Rithwik, Manu Sathian, Freestyler, Anonymous, vinayak007, abhijeet, Rajith, Vijaynath and Balakrishnan all avoided embarrassment. Those of you who gave it a miss will find the comments section an interesting read.

Daily Question # 448 January 15, 2010

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Pioneering couple. Though not quite willingly.

Quoting  Rithwik ,

“Frederick Douglass and Victoria Woodhull

In 1872, Douglass became the first African American nominated for Vice President of the United States  as Victoria Woodhull’s running mate on the Equal Rights Party ticket and she was the first ever woman US POTUS candidate”

Rithwik  was  the  only  one  to  crack  this  one . Great  job  kiddo !

EoD 2009: The Results January 4, 2010

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We’re finally done with the counting and other paraphernalia. So here are the results!

Winner, Open Category : Jayakanthan R with 61 points (who successfully defends his title 🙂 [Find results of EoD 2008 here] ) and takes home goodies worth Rs. 750

Runner-Up, Open Category: Arun Hiregange (who almost won two quizzes on New Years but was thwarted by JK  🙂 ), takes home goodies worth Rs. 500

Winner , School Category : Abhijeet B with 48 points , takes home prizes worth Rs.750

Here is the full list of scores!

SCORES ( Out  of  150 )

1. Jayakanthan R – 61

2. Arun  Hiregange – 53

3. Abhijeet B ( School ) – 48

4. Rithwik K ( School ) – 37.5

5. Anoop  V  Raj – 36.5

6-7. Kaushik  Saha  &  Jyothi EK – 33

8. Nishanth  Raman – 30

9-10. Subin  Gafoor ( School )  &  Kamal  Rathi – 29

11. Manjith K – 26.5

12. Anil  Raghavan – 24

13. Ajay  Parasuraman – 20

14-15. Abhilash  Surendran  &  Arun  AS – 19

16. Arun – 15

17. Kiran  Radhakrishnan – 10

18. Vijaynath V – 8

19. Viswas  Viswam – 5

20. Manjil  Saikia – 4

Thank you once again and see you next year!


Capitaine and BFP

PS: A tip-of-the-hat to the person featured below, who inspired our Un-Known Theme 🙂

EoD 2009: Registered Names January 2, 2010

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Here are the names of those of you who registered.

Thejaswi Udupa
Anil Raghavan
Arun Hiregange
George M Paily
Sachin S Iyer
Ritwik K
Anoop V Raj
Abhijith B
Abhijeet B
Nakul Haridas
Subin Gafoor
Varun  Shenoy
Nishanth  Raman
Shabeer  Muhammad
Jyothi EK
Abhilash  Surendran
Kiran  Radhakrishnan
Ajith  Prabhakar
Pallavi  Roy
Debasish  Mishra
Manjil  Saikia
Kaustuba  Venugopal
Kaushik  Saha
Sreeram Iyer
Abdul  Raouf
Dr  Naveen
Naveen Giles
Kamal  Rathi
Nijo Jose

Those of you who did register but are unable to find your names here, kindly do two things: check the list once again, and contact the guy(s) you had mailed.

As for the rest of you, the QMs have decided not to penalise anyone . All of you are free to take part !

Be here at 2200 hrs today. All the best !

End of Daze 2009 – The Year-End Online Quiz December 23, 2009

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A year after we started off with our first really-big online quiz, we bring to you the second, more advanced version of EoD, as End of Daze 2009.

Venue: right here 🙂

Timing: The quiz will be open from 10pm, Saturday, 2nd January, to 10pm, Sunday, 3rd January

Prizes: Cash Prizes to top two places in Open category
Cash prize to winner of School Category (upto 12th grade, to be ferpectly clear, as Thompson would say :))

Prior Registration is essential. Since anyway all the believers will turn up, I guess you can register beforehand.

E-mail us at captain.chandrakant@gmail.com/swordthatwasbroken@gmail.com for registering. Your name and category (Open/School) will be all that is required. Registration closes on the midnight of 1st January.

Your QMs for the day, as ever, will be Capitaine and the Big Fat Panda

General Info:

1. Quiz will be reasonably arbit and probably difficult.
2. Only one entry per person (i.e, no multiple entries: only first one will be accepted)
3. No late entries and please dont try the failed internet connection thingy.
4. Please write your real names: no chat names or other nicks will be accepted.
5. The QMs reserve the right to be snotty.

Thank you, and Happy Quizzing!


Capitaine and BFP

Daily Question # 424 December 19, 2009

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Identify this revolutionary.

Dr. Shere  Hite .

Cracked  by  Rithwik , Hadi  and  Anil  Raghavan .

Daily Question # 418 December 13, 2009

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Bad quizmasters and a few memorable fluid encounters prevented us from posting questions. Apologies and two questions as compensation.

Dedicated to all the quizzers who are happily unaware of the location of General Hospital, Calicut.

How do we better know the most famous of this bloodline?

The painting portrays the Greek Gods Vulcan and Maia. We get the name of the month May from the latter. The second picture is of course that of Big Ben. The most famous couples named May and Ben are Aunt May and Uncle Ben. The most famous of their bloodline would be Peter Parker, a.k.a Spiderman 🙂 (or as patriots might want to call him, Pavitra Prabhakar)


Daily Question # 417 December 13, 2009

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What  came  of  this  collaboration?



‘Almost  Famous’ was  a  result  of  Cameron  Crowe’s   ( blanked  out  part  in  B ) experiences  touring  with  rock  bands  , specifically  The  Allman  Brothers  Band ( A ).

Cracked  only  by  Freestyler  and  Nishanth  Raman. Good  job  guys !

Daily Question #395 November 19, 2009

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With apologies for the late posting, what’s the joke daa?

Copy-pasting from Appu who copy-pasted from a reliable source:

“The award Latraviata is receiving parodies the César Award given by the French Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinema. The first César Award for Best Actress was given to Romy Schneider (who resembles Latraviata) in 1976.”

Appu, Rithwik, Shrey Goyal, Anagh, Comfortably and Technically dumb, Puzzleshooter and the young man who used to be a regular at Thrissur’s most famous theatre before it was renovated, Anil Raghavan, gets it right.