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End of the WWkW August 10, 2009

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“All good things  must come to an end”

So must all the whacky things. Hope you’ve enjoyed the quiz and sent it in your answers. We’ll be putting out the answers later today, and we’ll try to add up the answers as well, but no guarantees on the latter.
Till then, have a  go at our daily question.

Capitaine and The Big Fat Panda

Daily Question # 297 August 10, 2009

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Identify both the visuals and ‘establish’ a connection.

297 a

297 b

Quoting  Kaustuba ,

“Second Picture is a poster of the movie Lolita (1962 version).

In the story, the protagonist Humber Humbert hires a former tennis legend to coach Lolita knowing the fact that since he is a homosexual he wouldn’t bother her.

Vladimir Nabokov, writer of the novel, apparently based this tennis legend character on Bill Tilden, who is shown in the first picture”

Cracked  by  Debasish , Arun  Hiregange , Anil  Raghavan , Nishanth  Raman , Kamal  Rathi , Kaustuba , Anon , Mithran  and  Subin . Half  credits  to  Rithwik  and  Abhi .

Daily Question # 271 July 14, 2009

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Connect the cook (A) with the man (B) whose statue is seen.

271 a


271 b


A – Ali  Maow  Maalin , the  last  known  person  in  the  world  to  be  infected  with  naturally  occurring  Small  Pox

B – Edward  Jenner , inventor  of  the  small  pox  vaccine .

The  connect – Small  Pox

Cracked  only  by  Rithwik . Fantastic  work !

Daily Question # 242 June 14, 2009

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Connect and Explain.

242 a


242 b


242 c


The  connect – Abraham  Lincoln’s  assassination .

A – Mary  Todd  Lincoln , B – Ford’s  theatre  where  Lincoln  was  assassinated  and  C – John  T  Ford , the  theatre  manager  after  whom  the  theatre  in  the  question  was  named .

Full  credits  to  Rithwik  and  Johny  Walker .

Daily Question # 241 June 12, 2009

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Whose statue ?


Roy O Disney .

Cracked  by  Rithwik , The  Editor , Siddharth  Jain , Anderson  Council , Johny  Walker , Deepthi  Mani , Shijil , Ajay  Parasuraman , Hadi , Kamal  Rathi , Incognito  and  Sandipan  Chakravarty .

Daily Question # 240 June 11, 2009

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Claim  to  fame  of  this  sports  person?


Ilie  Nastase , the  first  ever  ATP  no. 1 .

Cracked  by  Arun  Hiregange , Hrishikesh  Varma , Anil  Raghavan , Rithwik  and  Puzzleshooter .

Daily Question # 223 May 25, 2009

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Claim to  fame  of  this  tech  savvy?


Quoting  Gautam  Jayasurya ,

“Ankit Fadia, he became the youngest author for Macmillan India in their 110 years of history and author of the book ‘the Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking”

Cracked  by  AndersonCouncil , Abhijeet , Ranjana  Ninan , Varun, Raklodram , Alagu , Gautam Jayasurya ,Shijil, and  Jyothi .

Daily Question # 222 May 24, 2009

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Connect the building A with the man B .

212 a


212 b


Quoting  Rithwik ,

“Connect-Starbucks Corporation,an international coffee and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington, USA and the largest coffeehouse company in the world

The Starbucks Center, Seattle(A) The company HQ, in the old Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog distribution center building and the company is named in part after Starbuck, Captain Ahab’s first mate in the book Moby-Dick written by Herman Merville (B)”

Cracked  by  Rithwik , Johny Walker  and  Anil Raghavan .

Daily Question # 211 May 13, 2009

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Scores  have  been  updated .

Identify  the  man  and  put  fundae .

211 a


211 b


211 c


Quoting  Shrey  Goyal ,

“Sir  Hugh  Beaver ( A ) , who  founded  the  Guinness  Book  of  World Records  after  an argument  about  which  was  the fastest  game  bird  in  Europe – the  Golden  Plover ( B )  or  the  Grouse ( C )”

Cracked  by  Bobby , Shrey  Goyal , Anil  Raghavan  and  Jyothi . Half  credits  to  Ajay  Parasuraman .

Daily Question # 210 May 11, 2009

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The  lady  B  is  immortalized  as  something ( C )  owned by the company A .

Solve  for  A , B  and  C .

210 b


210 a


Quoting  Arun  Hiregange ,

“Sony Entertainment ( A ) , which  owns  Columbia  Pictures. Many women  are  rumoured  to  be  the  model  for  the Columbia logo ( C ), Claudia Dell ( B ) is one of them”

Cracked  by  Jyothi , Abhi , Ajay  Parasuraman , Arun  Hiregange , Sumo , Debasish  and  Anil  Raghavan .