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Daily Question # 479 February 22, 2010

Posted by Chandrakant in Uncategorized.

Connect  A  to  one  of  B’s  better  known  works .



The  connect – Pablo  Escobar

A – The  Escobar  International  Airport  from  GTA : Vice  City , named  after  him .

B – Mark  Bowden , and  the  work  in  question  being  ‘Killing  Pablo: The  Hunt  for  the  world’s  greatest  outlaw’

Uncracked , yet  again .


1. Comfortably and technically dumb - February 23, 2010

Hi Sir. Long Time..

A – Ok, Having played the game for quite a considerable period of time, I’m almost certain that it is Vice City.

B – Don’t know.. My guess is Michael Mann – looks a little like him.

Connect? – Miami Vice? – Considering the fact that VIce CIty was modelled after Miami

All wild guesses

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