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Daily Question # 474 February 15, 2010

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Why  is  this  place  in  news  in  India  for  all  the  wrong  reasons ?

This  is  Thuringia  in  Germany . The  bacterium  Bacillus  thuringiensis  is  named  after  the  province . The  Bt  in  the  Bt  Brinjal  controversy  stands  for  Bacillus  thuringiensis .

Superb  crack  by  Rajith  Ravi  and  Freestyler .



1. rajith ravi - February 15, 2010

free state of thuringia.

In news for BT Brinjal row.

a German scientist while investigating the insecticidal activity in the district of Thuringia in East Germany named the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis.

2. yadhu - February 15, 2010

pic shows – The Free State of Thuringia, a state of Germany

the connect maybe naura

Naura is
-a little village in Madhya Pradesh,
-a small town in the Nawanshahr District of Punjab,
-a little village in Golmsdorf, Saale-Holzland-Kreis, Thuringia
– old name of Kannur

3. Manu Sathian - February 15, 2010

the place is Thuringia………

give me half credits !

4. Kaushik Saha - February 15, 2010

Thuringia – where Airport security scanners were built and tested – something similar to SRK started the MNIK controversies?

5. drvijaynath - February 15, 2010

is this the map of europe with germany? german bakery and pune blasts??

6. v.chandrashekar - February 16, 2010

telengana statehood

7. Freestyler - February 16, 2010

The province = Thuringia> Bacillus thuringiensis = Bt (as in Bt Brinjal)

8. Vasu - February 16, 2010

My guess: It is the Dugong Creek, in Andaman Islands, where in Dec. 2008, around 8 Onge tribesmen died after consuming what is considered to be a bottle of methanol that had washed ashore. Since their total numbers are pegged at around 100, this was a literal decimation of their polpulation.

9. Nishanth Raman - February 16, 2010

The site of the Pune blasts, German Bakery has it’s origins in Thuringia?

10. Kashyap - February 16, 2010

Pune ‘German’ Bakery Blast

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