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Daily Question # 453 January 20, 2010

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Clue  added  for  452 . Have  another  shot , all  of  you .

Connect  the  gadget  A  to  the  ‘coffin’  B .



A  is  a  prototype  of  Lunokhod , the  Soviet  Lunar  Rover . B  shows  the  Sarcophagus , the  protective  concrete  structure  built  over  the  wrecked  Chernobyl reactor .

Immediately  after  the  Chernobyl  Disaster , remote  controlled  bulldozers  were  called  in  to  assist  in  the  recovery  process . But , these  weighed  dozens  of  tons  and  couldnt  operate  on  the  partially  collapsed  roof  of  the  reactor. As  a  result , the  designers  of  the  Lunokhod  were  called  in  to  produce  a  rover  which  was  light  enough  to  operate  on  the  roof . The  original  Lunokhod  moon  rovers  used  nuclear  decay  heatsources  for  internal  rack  climate  control  and  hence  their  electronic  systems  were  already hardened  to  resist  radiation. 2  such  rovers  were  eventually  built  and  were  of  immense  help  in  clearing  the  debris .

Only  Rajith  Ravi  earned  the  title  of  ‘moonwalker’ . Splendid  job , buddy !

The Monthly Set – 12 January 19, 2010

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After  a  hiatus  of  2  months , the  Monthly  is  back !

Same  format , you  have  a  week  to  send  in  your  answers .

All  the  best !

Find  MS-12  here .

Daily Question # 452 January 19, 2010

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Identify  this  deity .

Clue :

Terminus , the  Roman  god  of  boundaries .

Second  pic  is  Chennai  Central , which  is  a  terminus  🙂 .


Daily Question #451 January 19, 2010

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Laziness prevents me from posting photos of more of these people. The most famous one is missing. Or is he?

The dude missing is Ian Fleming.

Rithwik, Manu Sathian, Freestyler, Anonymous, vinayak007, abhijeet, Rajith, Vijaynath and Balakrishnan all avoided embarrassment. Those of you who gave it a miss will find the comments section an interesting read.

Daily Question # 450 January 17, 2010

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Id  the  phenomenon.

Morning  Glory  Clouds , commonly  seen  in  Northern  Australia .

Cracked  by  Freestyler , Siddharth  Jain , Rajith  Ravi , Vinayak007 , Dr  Vijaynath  V , Arun  and  Rithwik .

Daily Question # 449 January 17, 2010

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Who ? Wot occasion?

Dr  Elena  Bodnar , winner  of  the  2009  IgNobel  in  the  public  health  category , demonstrating  her  gas-mask  bra . The  bra  can  be  quickly  converted  into  a  pair  of  gas  masks, one  for  the  wearer  and  one  to  be  given  to a  needy bystander.

Cracked  by  Abhijeet , Manu  Sathian , Dr  Vijaynath  V , Yadhu , Abhi , Rajith  Ravi , Kaushik  Saha , Balakrishnan , Vinayak007 , Freestyler , Rithwik , Anil  Raghavan , Kamal  Rathi  and  Anjay MA .

Daily Question # 448 January 15, 2010

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Pioneering couple. Though not quite willingly.

Quoting  Rithwik ,

“Frederick Douglass and Victoria Woodhull

In 1872, Douglass became the first African American nominated for Vice President of the United States  as Victoria Woodhull’s running mate on the Equal Rights Party ticket and she was the first ever woman US POTUS candidate”

Rithwik  was  the  only  one  to  crack  this  one . Great  job  kiddo !

Daily Question # 447 January 14, 2010

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What  could  A  expect  to  find  if  he  used  B ?



If a butler ( Nestor from Tintin featured in A ) looked through a mutoscope ( B ) , he would have seen a woman disrobing 🙂 . Read more here.


Daily Question # 446 January 13, 2010

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Identify  this  immortal  lady.

Henrietta  Lacks , who was the involuntary donor of cells from her cancerous tumor, which were cultured by George Otto Gey to create an immortal cell line for medical research. This is now known as the HeLa cell line .

Cracked  by  Debasish , Rithwik , Manu Sathian , Kaushik  Saha , Krishna , Kamal Rathi , Rajith Ravi , Yadhu , Anand N , Manish Jajodia , Nishanth Raman , Anil Raghavan , Dinesh , Abhi , Dr Vijaynath V , Deepu , Deepthi Mani  and  Arun .

Daily Question # 445 January 12, 2010

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These  souvenirs  are  based  on ?

Ampelmannchen , the  symbolic  person  shown  on  traffic  lights  in ( former ) East  Germany.

Cracked  by  Abhijeet , Rajith  Ravi , Dr  Vijaynath V , Arun  Warrier , Rithwik  and  Manish  Jajodia .