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Daily Question # 455 January 22, 2010

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A  sports  entity  takes  its  name  from  Roman  equivalent  of  the  goddess  featured  below . However , the  most  famous  nickname  of  this  entity  is  opposite  of  what  the  name  of  the  Roman  goddess  means .

Just  name  the  entity.

This  is  Hebe , the  Roman  Goddess  of  Youth . Her  Roman  counterpart  is  Juventas ( which , again , means  youth ). The  name Juventus  F.C. derives  from  Juventas . The  most  famous  nickname  of  the  club  is  ‘The  Old  Lady’ , which , in  fact , is  a  pun  on  the  meaning  of  Juventas .



1. Vasu - January 23, 2010


2. rajith ravi - January 23, 2010

Greek Goddess nike, Roman equivalent Victoria

Sports entity, Jules rimet trophy, earlier name Victory 🙂

3. Vasu - January 24, 2010

my bad……

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