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Daily Question # 454 January 21, 2010

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Find  the  MS-12  here.

3  parts . 3  points .

i.) The  location  in  A  was  the  subject  of  two  famous  paintings  X  and  Y  by  Z . Solve  for  all . ( 1  point )

ii.) Where  did  the  lady ( in  B ) go  to  at  the  chap’s ( in B )  urging  when  their  marriage  was  publicly  disclosed ? ( 1 point )

iii.) The  general  area  the  lady  in  part  ii went  to  was  the  subject  of  couple  of   paintings  by  C . Connect  one  of  these  paintings  by  C  to  one  of  the  paintings  asked  in  part  i . ( 1  point )




Part i – This  is  the  Church  of  San  Giorgio  Maggiore ( A ) in  Venice . The  paintings  I  was  looking  for  were  ‘San  Giorgio  Maggiore  at  Dusk’ ( X ) and  San  Giorgio  Maggiore  by  Twilight’ ( Y ) by  Claude  Monet ( Z ) .

Part ii – Abelard  urged  Heloise to  go  to  the  convent  of  Argenteuil  in  Paris  when  their  marriage  was  publicly  disclosed .

Part iii – The  man  in  the  pic  is  Edouard  Manet . He  painted  Argenteuil and  Banks  of  the  Seine  at  Argenteuil with  the  location  as  the  setting.

The  connect – San  Giorgio  Maggiore  at  Dusk and Banks  of  the  Seine  at  Argenteuil are  the  two  paintings  stolen  by  Thomas  Crown  in  the  movie  ‘The  Thomas  Crown  Affair’ .

Nobody  got  the  connect . The  rest  were  cracked  in  bits  and  pieces  by  Manu  Sathian , Dr  Vijaynath  V , Rajith  Ravi , Kaushik  Saha , Subin , Rithwik  and  Anjay  MA .


1. Manu Sathian - January 22, 2010

A – Venice
B – Painting from 1822 by Edward Blair Leighton
” A Scene of Abélard Schooling Heloise”

Part 1 :
Painting – The Grand Canal painting by JMW Turner

Part 2
The lady (Heloise) went to the convent of Argenteuil

Part 3
Painting from 1822 by Edward Blair Leighton
” A Scene of Abelard Schooling Heloise”

2. DR.VIJAYNATH.V - January 22, 2010

1.Argenteiul,in france where paintings of Claude Monet and Edauard Monet were based.
2.Pierre Abelard and Heliose and Heliose was asked to move to Argenteuil.
3.Eduard Monet

3. rajith ravi - January 22, 2010

1. A – Church of San Giorgio Maggiore,X,Y- Madonna with the Child, “Madonna in throne with Saints by Z- Sebastiano Ricci
2. The lady (Heloise) went to the convent of Argenteuil at chap’s (Abélard’s) urging when their marriage was publicly disclosed
3.C- Édouard_Manet, Painting San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk

4. Kaushik - January 22, 2010

i. Giovanni Antonio Canal, Canaletto drawing the Grand Canal of Venice.

ii. Eloisa and Abelard – Eloisa went to a Monastery

5. Subin - January 22, 2010

A- San Giorgio Maggiore(Venice)
B-Peter Abelard and Heloise
C-Claude Monet.

i)X- Giudecca
Y- San Giorgio
Z must be JMW Turner

ii) She was sent to Argenteuil

iii)Claude Monet have done many works on Argenteuil, right ??? Anyway, now the connection, yes? Hmmmmm. No idea. Will send it through another comment if i gets it. 🙂

6. Rithwik - January 22, 2010

A- San Giorgio Maggiore
Last Supper(X) and Fall of Manna(Y) by Jacopo Tintoretto(Z)

Abelard and his pupil, Héloïse, by Edmund Blair Leighton
and she went to Argenteuil.

The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice by Claude Monet
“Autumn at Argenteuil”, “Regatta at Argenteuil”, “Red Boats, Argenteuil”, “The Bridge at Argenteuil”, “The Port at Argenteuil”, “The Seine at Argenteuil”are the paintings based on Argenteuil.

7. Anjay - January 23, 2010

aptain , you do ask some convoluted questions.

As an old warhorse, here is my offering :

i. The location is Venice . I think the question can be a bit misleading. Several famous paintings on venice. Could be Canaletto with his paintings of canals in Venice, or could even be Monet although both these had more than 2 famous paintings about Venice…. See More

ii.The lady is Heloise, and the chap is Abelard. Heliose became a nun in a convent near Paris called Argenteuil after their marriage became public.

iii. This is of course Edouard Manet . He has done several paintings of Paris and Argentui including ” The Seiene at Argentuil”” and Monet has a similar named painting but I am not sure if that is the connection you were looking for .

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