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Daily Question # 453 January 20, 2010

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Clue  added  for  452 . Have  another  shot , all  of  you .

Connect  the  gadget  A  to  the  ‘coffin’  B .



A  is  a  prototype  of  Lunokhod , the  Soviet  Lunar  Rover . B  shows  the  Sarcophagus , the  protective  concrete  structure  built  over  the  wrecked  Chernobyl reactor .

Immediately  after  the  Chernobyl  Disaster , remote  controlled  bulldozers  were  called  in  to  assist  in  the  recovery  process . But , these  weighed  dozens  of  tons  and  couldnt  operate  on  the  partially  collapsed  roof  of  the  reactor. As  a  result , the  designers  of  the  Lunokhod  were  called  in  to  produce  a  rover  which  was  light  enough  to  operate  on  the  roof . The  original  Lunokhod  moon  rovers  used  nuclear  decay  heatsources  for  internal  rack  climate  control  and  hence  their  electronic  systems  were  already hardened  to  resist  radiation. 2  such  rovers  were  eventually  built  and  were  of  immense  help  in  clearing  the  debris .

Only  Rajith  Ravi  earned  the  title  of  ‘moonwalker’ . Splendid  job , buddy !



1. parthan - January 21, 2010

mars rover

2. Subin - January 21, 2010

A- WALL-E gadget ?????(Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class) 😉 Looks similar to it!
B- Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Connection(Just a wild guess) – Chernobyl(B) was studied by Pixar to design the ruined world in the film Wall-e(A) ??

3. Rithwik - January 21, 2010

Pixar studied Chernobyl and the city of Sofia to create the ruined world for Wall E

4. rajith ravi - January 22, 2010

A:Soviet Moonrover Lunokhod
B: Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

such rovers were delivered to the Chernobyl accident zone and proved useful for clearing debris, where human labourers or military vehicles cannot be implemented to clear the debris.

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