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EoD 2009: Registered Names January 2, 2010

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Here are the names of those of you who registered.

Thejaswi Udupa
Anil Raghavan
Arun Hiregange
George M Paily
Sachin S Iyer
Ritwik K
Anoop V Raj
Abhijith B
Abhijeet B
Nakul Haridas
Subin Gafoor
Varun  Shenoy
Nishanth  Raman
Shabeer  Muhammad
Jyothi EK
Abhilash  Surendran
Kiran  Radhakrishnan
Ajith  Prabhakar
Pallavi  Roy
Debasish  Mishra
Manjil  Saikia
Kaustuba  Venugopal
Kaushik  Saha
Sreeram Iyer
Abdul  Raouf
Dr  Naveen
Naveen Giles
Kamal  Rathi
Nijo Jose

Those of you who did register but are unable to find your names here, kindly do two things: check the list once again, and contact the guy(s) you had mailed.

As for the rest of you, the QMs have decided not to penalise anyone . All of you are free to take part !

Be here at 2200 hrs today. All the best !



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