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Daily Question # 411 December 5, 2009

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Connect  A  and  B  to  the  FBI .



D.B. Cooper is  the  connect  I  was  looking for .

The  pursuit  of  DB  Cooper featured  Treat  Williams ( A ) as  Cooper  and Special  Agent  Dale  Bartholomew  Cooper  played  by  Kyle  MacLachlan ( B ) in  Twin  Peaks is  named  after  DB  Cooper .

Appu  and  Anagh  came  agonisingly  close , but  no  cigar.



1. Arun Hiregange - December 5, 2009

A: Looks like Dennis Miller
B: Kyle MacLachlan who played FBI Special agent Dale Cooper on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks

Dennis Miller & Kyle MacLachlan appeared together on Saturday Night Live, with a Twin Peaks parody.

Interestingly, Dennis Miller’s book Jelly Beans is by Twin Peaks Publishing. 🙂

2. Anagh - December 6, 2009

MacLachlan starred as an alien FBI agent in The Hidden and also in the tv series, Twin Peaks.
Treat Williams played a special agent in the movie, Miss Congeniality 2????

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