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Daily Question # 407 December 1, 2009

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Connect   A   and  B   to   C .





Menachem  Begin ( A )  and  Anwar  Sadat ( B )  met  at  Camp  David , named so  after  Eisenhower’s  grandson  Dwight  David  Eisenhower  II ( C ) , to  sign the  Camp  David  Accords in  1978.

Cracked  by  Manjith , Anil  Raghavan , Comfortably  and  Technically  Dumb , Subin , Chithananda , Rithwik  and  Ameen.



1. Manjith - December 1, 2009

knew A as an Israeli PM and B to be Saadat or Nasser.
Google matches the photo with Menachem Begin.
Assuming that B=Saadat and this is connected to the 1974 peace accords between Israel and Egypt.
No idea on C. Somebody connected to Camp David?
Maybe a young Eisenhower 🙂

2. anil raghavan - December 1, 2009

a)menachem begin
b)anwar sadat
c)david eisenhoverii son of dwight eisenhover

camp david where the adversaries met was named after c

3. Rithwik - December 1, 2009

A – Menachem Wolfovitch Begin
B – Saddam Hussein
C – ?

Connect – Operation Opera

4. Comfortably and technically dumb - December 2, 2009

Israel-Egypt Peace treaty for which A and B won NobelPrize was signed at Camp David named after Dwight D Eisenhower’s Grandson David Eisenhover II

5. Arun Hiregange - December 2, 2009

Begin-Sadat, so something to do with the Nobel Peace prize. Perhaps C nominated them. 🙂

6. Subin - December 2, 2009

Menachem Begin(A)
Anvar Sadat(B)

Fact- A and B along with Jimmy Carter signed Camp David Accords named after C

7. Chitananda - December 2, 2009

A- Begin
B- Anwar Sadat
C – David Eisenhower

David Accord signed at Camp David named after David Eisenhover

8. Rithwik K - December 3, 2009

Camp David Accords: Menachem Begin, Jimmy Carter, Anwar El Sadat.

9. ameen - December 3, 2009

i’ll go for a guess
the camp david accord 1978
the guyz r
manachem begin
anwar sadaat
jimmy carter

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