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Daily Question # 405 November 28, 2009

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2  questions  for  the  day .

No. 1 – Connect  the  2  ladies .

No. 2 – Lady  B  is  the  first  Indian  to  ‘achieve’  something. What ?



A  is  Margaret  Nolan  who  performed  in  the  title  sequence  of Goldfinger. B  is  Katy  Mirza  who  performed  in  the  title  sequence  of  Shaan which  was  inspired  by  Goldfinger. Katy  Mirza  was  also  the  first  Indian Playboy  Bunny.

Nitish  Khadiya  and  Anil  Raghavan  struck  gold  with  these  girls !! Salut !! Half  credits  to  Nishanth  Raman , well done !


1. Nitish - November 29, 2009

B is Katy Mirza, the first indian playboy bunny. she also appeared in the title sequence of shaan whihc was lifted from Goldfinger which has something to do with A?

2. Nishanth Raman - November 29, 2009

Connect – Playboy Bunnies

Pic 2 looks like Katy Mirza.. the first Indian Playboy Bunny

3. anil raghavan - November 29, 2009

margaret nolan was the title performer for goldfinger ,katy mirza’s title song sequence of shaan was inspired by the former

katy mirza was the first playboy bunny of indian origin
she also happens to be the perennial favourite of an erstwhile calicut quizzer who will perform during reverberates

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