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Daily Question # 403 November 26, 2009

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What  was  the  occasion ? And  the  inspiration for  this  look ?

The  Angela  Merkel  series  of    dolls  released  to  celebrate  Barbie  turning  50.

Cracked  by  Freestyler , Arun  Hiregange , Nishanth  Raman , Subin ,Rithwik , Hadi , Arun , Debasish , Comfortably and Technically Dumb , Sai Ganesh , Q Factor ( minus  Rithwik )  and  Anagh .


1. Freestyler - November 27, 2009

Angela Merkel is the inspiration here, for Barbie dolls released on its 50th anniversary

2. Arun Hiregange - November 27, 2009

The Guardian puts is rather nicely:

She is tall, blonde and curvy, has cornflower blue eyes and implausible anatomical proportions. Meet Angela Merkel, the Barbie doll.

As part of a series to celebrate the toy’s 50th birthday, manufacturer Mattel has brought out a version modelled on the German chancellor. The doll wears the politician’s tailored trouser suit and her trademark blonde bob, but the resemblance ends there: its tiny waistline is more Heidi Klum than Angela Merkel and its smiling face is free of the worry lines produced when you are trying to fight economic crisis in Europe’s largest economy.

3. Nishanth Raman - November 27, 2009

Inspiration – Angela Merkel
Reason – 50th year since Barbie made it’s debut

4. Subin - November 27, 2009

Barbie doll modelled upon German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 50th anniversary of Barbie dolls.The flattering interpretation of the 54-year-old German leader was presented at the international toy fair in Nuremberg and will go on sale for 20 euros.

5. Rithwik - November 27, 2009

Angela Merkel Barbie doll that was unveiled at the 60th international toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany

6. Hadi - November 27, 2009

Angela Merkel Barbie

7. arun - November 27, 2009

Angela Merkel Barbie – 50th Mattel anniversary.

8. Debasish - November 27, 2009

Angela Merkel… 50 Years of Barbie.

9. Comfortably and Technically dumb - November 27, 2009

Angela Merkel – Barbie’s 50th Anniversary Celebration series

10. saiganesh2000 - November 27, 2009

Barbie’s 50th birthday, Angela Merkel

11. Q factor( minus rithwik) :) - November 27, 2009

Angela merkel.

12. anagh - November 27, 2009

angela merkel-inspiration
50th b’day of barbie

13. Rithwik - November 28, 2009

Captain ,

Q-Factor (minus Rithwik) includes a group of Nakul , Ameen and Hadi !

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