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Daily Question # 392 November 15, 2009

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It  is  represented  as  a  combination  of  A  and  B . What ?





‘The  Sign‘  in  Ace  of  Base’s  eponymous  song  is  represented  as  a  combination  of  the  Egyptian  symbols  Ankh ( A )  and  Djed ( B ) .

Am  giving  full  credits  to  folks  who’ve  identified  both  the  characters – Mrinalini , Arun and Anil  Raghavan .



1. Mrinalini - November 15, 2009

A is the ancient symbol, Ankh considered to be the symbol of life, B is the Djed considered to be the symbol of stability. The combination depicts ELECTRICITY or STRENGTH, depending on the interpretation you follow.

2. Mann - November 15, 2009

The first pic is of Ankh. Not really sure about the second
Is it the tower of art which would make the connect to be the unseen university in discworld

3. Arun - November 16, 2009

Tyet – or the knot of Isis; the combination of the ankh and djed.

4. abhijeet - November 16, 2009

Bluetooth logo??

5. anil raghavan - November 16, 2009

pillar of celestial fire/caduceus?

6. Arun Hiregange - November 17, 2009

No idea. Ankh-Morpork?

7. anish - November 18, 2009

chess – bishop

8. Anonymous - November 19, 2009


9. DrJamZ - November 19, 2009


10. DrJamZ - November 21, 2009

Do u mean Ace of Base

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