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Daily Question # 385 November 7, 2009

Posted by Chandrakant in Uncategorized.

What  connects  A  to  B’s  replacement ?





The  Guns  of  Navarone .

The  novel ( and  hence  the  movie )  was  inspired  by  the  Dodecanese  campaign  of  WW II , an  attempt  by  the  British  Forces  to  capture  the  Italian-held  Dodecanese islands ( A )  in  the  Aegean  Sea  following  the  surrender  of  Italy  in  September  1943 . J  Lee  Thompson  replaced  Alexander  Mackendrick ( B )  at  the  last  moment  as  the  director  of  the  movie  adaptation .

Arun’s  was  the  only  gun  to  hit  bullseye . Salut !



1. arun - November 8, 2009

The Guns of Navarone

2. Arun Hiregange - November 8, 2009

The chap looks a bit like Alan Turing, so I will say the connection is Colossus, the code-breaking machine.
And of course the original Colossus was on the island of Rhodes.

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