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Daily Question # 378 November 1, 2009

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This is today’s question. Yesterday’s comes next 🙂

A  wrote  something  about  the  general  B . How  is  this  related  to  the  world  of  music ?





In  his  book  The  City  of  God , St. Augustine ( A )  described  the  execution  of  Marcus  Atilius  Regulus ( B )  by  Carthaginians  as  follows : “packed  him  into  a  tight  wooden  box, spiked  with  sharp  nails  on  all  sides, so  that  he  could  not  lean  in  any  direction  without  being  pierced” . This  was  supposedly  the  inspiration  for  the  Iron  Maiden ( the  torture  device  ie ) and  the  music  connection  we  are  looking  for  is , of  course , Iron  Maiden 🙂 .

Goes  uncracked . Half  credits  to  Anil  Raghavan  for  the  Id .



1. anil raghavan - November 2, 2009

Hannibal finds mention in the phantom of the opera act1 by andrew lloyd webber

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