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Daily Question # 376 October 29, 2009

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The Monthly set  closes  attempt  in  couple  of  days . Find  it  here  and  send  in  your  attempts  asap .

Connect .





Quoting  Arun  Hiregange ,

“Simpson’s  Eternal  Moonshine  episode ( A ) , named  after  Eternal  Sunshine  of  the  Spotless  Mind , which  is  taken  from  Alexander  Pope’s  Eloise/Abelard:  the  lovers  whose  monument ( B )  is  shown”

Cracked  by  Nitish  Khadiya , Kamal  Rathi , CATD , Arun , Rithwik , and  Arun  Hiregange . Half  credits  to  Subin .



1. Nitish - October 29, 2009

A eternal moonshine of the simpson mind
B: tomb of eloisa and abelard – alexander pope poem – eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

2. Kamal Rathi - October 30, 2009

Eternal Sunshine on a spotless mind

3. Comfortably and technically dumb - October 30, 2009

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind

Simpsons episode is named after the movie

The movie itself is named after a line in the poem Eloisa to Abelard by Alexander Pope

The second picture shows the tomb of Eloisa and Abelard

This line was also sampled by Byron in his poem Prisoner of Chillon as Eternal as “Eternal Spirit of the chainless mind”

4. Subin G - October 30, 2009

Homer(Simpsons) and tomb of Peter Abelard.
No idea about the connect.

5. Arun - October 30, 2009

Heloise and Abelard and their love letters has a poem with a line ‘eternal moonshine of the simpson mind’!

6. Rithwik - October 31, 2009

A – Homer Simpson
B – Peter Albert’s grave
Connect – Pope’s poem Eternity to sunshine

7. Arun Hiregange - October 31, 2009

Simpson’s Eternal Moonshine episode, named after Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is taken from Alexander Pope’s Eloise/Abelard: the lovers whose monument is shown.

8. anil raghavan - October 31, 2009


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