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Daily Question # 367 October 20, 2009

Posted by Chandrakant in Uncategorized.

What  was  inspired  by  this  figurine ?


Clue :


Quoting  CATD ,

“The  Golden  Idol  in  the  movie  Raiders  of  the  lost  ark was  based  on  the  artifact  presumed  to  depict  the  Aztec  goddess  Tlazolteotl ( the  first  pic )” . The  second  pic  is  the  Ark  of  the  Covenant , basis  for  the  plot  of  the  movie .

Cracked  by  Arun  Hiregange , Nishanth  Raman , CATD  and  Ijaz  Aslam .



1. Freestyler - October 21, 2009

Inspired a Frida Kahlo painting?

2. Arun Hiregange - October 22, 2009

Well, the second pic shows the Ark of the Covenant, so I’ll guess Indiana Jones.

3. Nishanth Raman - October 22, 2009

The Raiders of the Lost Ark?

The figurine looks very similar to the one Jones pursues in the opening shot of the movie, and the other pic is the model of the Ark of the Covenant.

4. Comfortably and technically dumb - October 22, 2009

The Golden Idol in the movie Raiders of the lost ark was based on the artifact presumed to depict the Aztec goddess Tlazolteotl

5. Ijaz Aslam - October 22, 2009

Golden Idol of Fertiility in Indiana Jones Raiders of d Lost Ark

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