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Daily Question # 364 October 17, 2009

Posted by Chandrakant in Uncategorized.

Which  unique  location  in  India  could  one  connect  this  advertisement  to ?

This  ad  for the  Citroen  Visa  GTI  model  was  shot  on  the  French  aircraft  carrier  Clemenceau . The  ship  was  to  be  scrapped  at  Alang  in  Gujarat , but  stirred  up  a  hornet’s  nest  as  it  had  tons  of  toxic  chemicals on  board  and  was  denied  permission  to  dock  by  the  Supreme  Court  in  a  highly  publicised  incident .

Cracked  by  Freestyler , CATD , Hadi , Anil  Raghavan , Deepu ( welcome bac ! ) , Arun  Hiregange , Subin  and  Rithwik .

Appu , take  a  bow ! He  becomes  the  2nd  person  to  hit  the  double  hundred  mark  on  this  blog .



1. Freestyler - October 18, 2009

Alang, Gujarat. The aircraft carrier featured was to be scrapped here.

2. CATD - October 18, 2009

Alang in Gujarat, known for Ship breaking and recycling.

3. Hadi - October 18, 2009


Supreme Court of India temporarily prohibited the French aircraft carrier Clemenceau from entering the port in January 2006.

The aircraft carrier in the ad is the Clemenceau.

4. malcaluffin - October 18, 2009

sethu samudram or adams bridge?

5. anil raghavan - October 18, 2009

Alang,the shipbreaking unit in gujarat

6. Deepu - October 18, 2009


7. arun - October 19, 2009

NOT the indian ocean then?

8. Arun Hiregange - October 19, 2009

Aircraft carrier Clémenceau, was to be dismantled at Alang, but denied access.

9. Subin - October 19, 2009

Ad for Ciroen VISA GTI

Features Clemanceau and Agosta submarines.

Cant find any connection except Clemanseau’s connection to Alang, Gujarat

On 31 December 2005 Clemenceau left the French port of Toulon to be dismantled in Alang, Gujarat, India. On 6 January 2006 the Supreme Court of India temporarily denied access to Alang. Six days later the ship reached Egypt, where she was boarded by two Greenpeace activists.

10. Anonymous - October 19, 2009

Hyderabad where citroens is going to set up its first manufacturing plant in India………

11. Rithwik - October 19, 2009

Alang in Gujarat

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