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Daily Question # 362 October 15, 2009

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What  connection  does  this  tree  have  to  the  world  of  IT ?



The  town  of  Palo  Alto , California , home  to  some  of  the  heavyweights  of  the  hardware  and  software  industry, gets  its  name  from  a  Sequoia  tree  named  El Palo  Alto ( means  ‘tall  stick’ ) . The  tree  is  also  visible  on  the  seal  of  the  Stanford  University .

Cracked  by  Arun  Hiregange , Dinesh  and  SG . Super  Work ! Half  credits  to  Anil  Raghavan .



1. Arun Hiregange - October 15, 2009

Palo Alto

2. Dinesh - October 15, 2009

El Palo Alto meaning the tall tree from which the city of Palo Alto takes its name. It was used as a landmark by the Spanish surveyors. The tree is also part of Stanford’s seal.

3. SG - October 16, 2009

Palo Alto

4. Kartik - October 16, 2009


5. Monu - October 16, 2009

Oak, after which james gosling named java first [:S]

6. Rithwik - October 16, 2009

Silicon valley starts here

7. anil raghavan - October 16, 2009

confusedbetween sequoia&juniper.will go for the former as it had funded more IT firms like google,apple etc

8. Subin G - October 16, 2009

Are made by Larsen & Toubro Infotech ???

9. Subin G - October 16, 2009

Connection L&T???

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