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Daily Question # 356 October 9, 2009

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What  are  those  colorful  things  around  the  monument ?


This  is  the  memorial  to  Sadako  Sasaki , a  victim  of  the  atom  bomb  dropped  in  Hiroshima . Sadako  developed  Leukaemia  soon  after  and  was  hospitalised . One  of  her  friends  visited  her  in  the  hospital  and  presented  her  with  a  paper  crane . Inspired  by  this , Sadako  started  making  paper  cranes  herself  spurred  on  by  the  Japanese  saying  that  one  who  folded  1,000 cranes  was  granted  a  wish . However , she  died  soon  after  and  the  monument  featured  above  was  erected  in  honour  of  the  lil  girl  and  all  other  kids  who  fell  victim  to  the  bomb . Everyday , the  monument  receives  hundreds  of  visitors  who  leave  behind  paper  cranes ( the  colourful  things  in  pic ) as  a  tribute  to  her .

Cracked  by  Rithwik , Arun  and  Jimdan  Simham . Super  job !



1. Rithwik - October 10, 2009

Sadako Sasaki memorial in Hiroshima, surrounded by paper cranes.In the foot of the monument we can see the inspiring words This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace in the world.

2. arun - October 10, 2009

paper cranes

3. Jimdan Simham - October 10, 2009

Paper cranes

4. Arun Hiregange - October 10, 2009

Rainbow flags

5. Hadi - October 10, 2009

LGBT Stuff?like the rainbow flag?
(random guess cause I can see a flag there):P

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