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And now, presenting the B’day Boy.. blog. October 3, 2009

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Welcome to The 365 Quiz. Here are the rules:
1. The quiz consists of 50 questions.

2. Each of the 50 individual questions have their respective marks next to them. That will count up to 80 points. (Please don’t do the math)

3. If you crack every single question, you get another 10 points.

4. Now, we have a theme in this quiz. Just one. Whose clues start in the first question and end in the last. So here’s the deal: all the fifty questions are connected by a single theme. Crack that, and you get another ten points.

5. So, all in all, 100 points up for the grabs.

6. Quiz will be open till midnight tomorrow. (i.e, 00:00 hours on October 5th, Monday)

7. Please leave your entries as comments or mail them to: swordthatwasbroken@gmail.com and/or captain.chandrakant@gmail.com

8. No multiple entries, i.e., we will accept only the first entry that we get from each person.

9. Please mention your full (actual) name and category (School/Open). If you fail to mention it, you entry will be considered as an Open one. If you fail to provide your actual name, you are automatically disqualified.

And no, we don’t have the tenth commandment. Just Nine for mortal men, doomed to die.

Find The 365 Quiz here.

Happy quizzing!

Capitaine and the Big Fat Panda


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