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Daily Question # 289 July 31, 2009

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The  Monthly  Set will  remain  open  for  one  more  day . Send  in  your  attempts  asap .

A  is  the  vertical  variant . The  initial  prototype  of  B  is  the  horizontal  one .

What  are  we  talking  about ?





A – Saab  Viggen , also  known  as  ‘Thunderbolt

B – Kamov  Ka-50 , initial  variants  of  which  were  nicknamed  ‘Werewolf

The  connect – The  Wolfsangel , vertical  variant  of  which  is  known  as  Thunderbolt  and  horizontal  variant  as  Werewolf .

Goes  uncracked . Half  credits  to  Rithwik  for  the  ID .


1. shijil.u - August 1, 2009


2. Rithwik - August 1, 2009

Mil Mi-28/Kamov Ka-50

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