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Daily Question # 288 July 30, 2009

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Last  couple  of  days  to  attempt  the  monthly  set . Send  in  your  attempts  asap .

What  term  was  coined  as  a  result  of  something  inspired  by  this  french  harbour ?



Claude  Monet’s  ‘Impression , Sunrise’ ( Impression , Soleil  Levant ) features  the  Le  Havre  Harbour  in  France ( the  place  in  the  pics ) . The  movement  of  Impressionism is  named  after  this  very  acclaimed  work .

Cracked  by  Jithin  and  Arun  Hiregange . Impressive  work  guys !


1. jithin - July 31, 2009

Impressionism from the Claude Monet painting Impression, Sunrise. The harbour is Le Havre, France.

2. subingsubin - July 31, 2009

Is it Adobe harbour by which the term Adobe came????

(Just a guess):-)

This is Subin

3. Arun Hiregange - July 31, 2009

Le Havre, painted by Claude Monet in Impression: Soleil Levant, leading to the term “Impressionism”.

Well disguised! I had almost given up. 🙂

4. anil raghavan - July 31, 2009

dunkirk spirit

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