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Daily Question # 285 July 28, 2009

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Find  the  Monthly  Set – 8  here .

Who’s  missing  from  this  list ?









Jacques  Anquetil ( A ) , Felice  Gimondi ( B ) , Bernard  Hinault ( C )  and  Eddy  Merckxx ( D )  were  the  only  cyclists  to  have  won  all  the  three  Grand  Tours  of  cycling , namely  the  Tour  de  France , Giro  d’Italia  and  Vuelta  a  Espana  . With  his  victory  in  Vuelta  e  Espana   2008 , Alberto  Contador , who  also  won  the  TDF  2009  couple  of  days  back , became  the  fifth  member  of  this  illustrious  list .

Goes  uncracked  yet  again !

Appu  and  Sreeram  went  for  Lance  Armstrong , half  credits  to  both  of  them  for  the  IDs .


1. Arun Hiregange - July 28, 2009

The cyclists to have achieved at least five Tour de France victories are Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain and Lance Armstrong (who is missing here).

2. Sreeram - July 28, 2009

Anquetil, Merckx, Hinault and Indurain. Lance A is missing.

3. Manjith - July 28, 2009

Lance Armstrong.

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