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Daily Question # 140 February 27, 2009

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The  Monthly  Set  closes  on  the  1st  of  March . Find  it  here .

What  happened  as  a  result  of  this ?


The  pic  depicts  the  BULLDOZER  REVOLUTION  of  2000  which  resulted  in  the  downfall  of  Slobodan  Milosevic’s  regime  in  Serbia . It  was  given  this  nickname  after  the  most  memorable  event  of  the  protest  in  which  a  bulldozer ( the  one  in  the  pic )  was  used  to  charge  the  Radio  and  Television  Building  of  Serbia , a  landmark  which  had  come  to  represent  Milosevic’s  authoritarian  regime .

Cracked  by  Varun  Shenoy , Deepu  and  Anil  Raghavan .


1. Abhishek - February 28, 2009

Berlin wall ?

2. Varun - February 28, 2009

the Bulldozer revolution

3. Vikas - February 28, 2009

The protests in Greece following the death of the 15 yr old child Alexandros Grigorpoulos?

4. Deepu - February 28, 2009

The collapse of communism in Serbia as a result of the ousting of Slobodan Milosevic.
The bulldozer was used in the 2000 revolt against Milosevic when it was used to storm the offices of a state-run TV station.

5. Abhishek - February 28, 2009

Breaking of the Berlin Wall ?

6. anil raghavan - February 28, 2009

yellow bulldozer used to bring down communism in serbia in 2000.It was set for auction later

7. shijil.u - February 28, 2009

birth of serbia and montenagro

8. Rithwik K - February 28, 2009

Anything to do with Berlin Wall

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