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Daily Question # 28 October 31, 2008

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X  was  originally  supposed  to  be  named  after  A . Y  shows  a  promotional  snap  of  B . Y  is  a  direct  tribute  to  C  who  came  up  with  X . B  did  this  because  B  and  C  belong  to  the  same  town . 

Identify  X , A , B  and  C .




The  album  Abbey  Road ( X )  by  Beatles ( C )  was  supposed  to  be  called  Everest ( A ) initially . Y  is  a  promotional  ad  brought out  by  Liverpool FC ( B ) as  a  tribute  to  the  Beatles  and  the  ad  is  a  direct  copy  of  the  cover  of  Abbey  Road .

Cracked  fully  by  Manjith  only  . Noufel got  part  of  the  answer  right .


1. Noufel Samed - November 1, 2008

A- Mt everest named after george everest
X- George harrison
y- is tribute to the Beatles band as they are from Liver pool and tribute is by Liverpool foot ball club
c- John Lennon
b- Paul Mc Cartney

2. Manjith - November 1, 2008

A=Everest (u guys shud rename images, by the way!)
B=Liverpool FC
C=John Lennon, who was from Liverpool.
This much, i guessed 🙂
Google tells me that X=Abbey Road.

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