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Daily Question # 20 October 23, 2008

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A (the bearded figure in the pic) made his mark as a voice actor in Hollywood , but his most famous role was that of X in the original broadway version B which came out in 1965 . He was featured as himself in a 1990 book Y by C .He was later cast as himself in the movie adaptation of Y . This probably is the only instance of a celebrity appearing in a book, and then later cast as himself in the film version.

Identify A , B , C , X and Y .







Richard  Kiley (A)  made  his  mark  as  Don  Quixote (X)  in  ‘The  Man  of  La  Mancha’ (B) . He  was  featured  as  himself  in  a  voice  role  in  Michael  Crichton’s (C)  Jurassic  Park (Y) .

Cracked  by  Varma , Anon , Anoop  Koshy  and  Looney  Tunes .



1. Varma - October 24, 2008

Richard Kiley and the broadway version of Don Quixote, the man from la mancha. should be as don quixote as cannot see him playing sancho panza. The last dude is undoubtedly Michael Crichton, who gives Kiley a voice role in Jurassic Park, book and movie

2. Anonymous - October 24, 2008

initially i wondered why u’ picked some arbit guy… then i realised it’s a nice, but slightly vague question. 🙂

x=don qiuxote
a=richard kiley
b=man of la mancha
c=michael crichton
and the book/movie=jurassic park (we’ve spared no expense)

3. anoop - October 24, 2008

richard kiley as don quixote in man of la mancha.

michael crichton and book jurassic park…..

4. Looney Tunes - October 24, 2008

A-Richard Kiley
B-The Man of La Mancha
C-Michale Crichton
X-Don Quixote
Y-Jurassic Park

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